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How AT&T Attracted 2 Million Customers in Just 5 Weeks with Shared Data

Insight Fuel
Your customers are consuming more data on more devices than ever before. And it’s probably already hit you that those demands on data are only going to increase, as more and more devices come...  >>

Tackle Your Data Usage With Multi-Service Consumption

Insight Fuel
I’m sure you’ve been there. That moment when you’re video calling your mom on your new iPhone 6 LTE, while at the same time checking Facebook on your old, first-edition 3G tablet. Or that...  >>

4 Driving Forces for SON

Network Talk
The self-optimizing network (SON) conversation is changing. There's a new maturity. Operators know they need it and it is a case of when and how, rather than if. But what’s driving this change?...  >>

Three reasons your customers fall in love with personalized data plans

Insight Fuel
As customers demand more and more data to feed their ever-growing collection of smartphones and tablets (and don’t forget to add the about-to-be-released Apple Watch to that list), their demand...  >>

We need to own the customer experience, say operator CMOs

Amdocs Voices
They say “communications is a close-knit industry” and I think that’s a pretty accurate description after taking the 08.40 FGC train from Plaça d'Espanya to the Fira Gran Via – temporary home...  >>

Amdocs Network Solutions Yield Management – a new way to think about coverage

Network Talk
Amdocs Network Solutions CTO office develops new use cases that leverage Amdocs’ unique differentiation, bringing together customer value and IP packet forwarding across access, backhaul and core...  >>

Is the Telecom Industry Saturated with Useless Big Data?

Insight Fuel
It seems there’s always something new happening in the world of big data and a lot of smart people to write about it. This week, what seems to be the next big question is whether or not...  >>

Applying the ‘cookie cutter’ approach to small-cell rollout

Network Talk
It’s safe to say that, when it comes to small cells, gaps exist between expectations and reality. And I believe these gaps can at least partially be attributed to the challenges network...  >>

2 Top Trends in the Evolution of Real-Time Data Services

Insight Fuel
Without question, the new data-led services rolled out by some of the world’s leading service providers are generating some real interest and buzz in the telecom world. And it’s easy to see why...  >>

Introducing the world’s first connected suitcase: you didn’t know you needed it until now… (Live from Mobile World Congress)

Amdocs Voices
Worried about losing your suitcase? Concerned your luggage is overweight? Fraught with fear your phone is about to die on you? Your worries are now over – for the small cost of $500, you can...  >>
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