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Will smart shirts win big at this week’s US Open tennis championships?

Amdocs Voices
Hats off – or should that be, shirts on? –  to Ralph Lauren. The master of preppy tailoring has succeeded in bringing wearable technology on to the fashion pages of The New York Times. At this...  >>

Why the sky is (literally) going to be the limit for fast Wi-Fi

Amdocs Voices
Would you be being willing to pay more for a specific flight just so that you could stay connected to the Internet? Or to agree to swap your plane ticket for the chance of flying standby on another...  >>

4 Elements Your Cloud Ecosystem Needs

Insight Fuel
To be successful, service providers offering cloud-based services need to build partnerships, and develop these four elements as part of their cloud offering....  >>

When your 6 year old is more tech-savvy than you are

Amdocs Voices
They may not know how to tie their shoelaces yet, but when it comes to digital technology,  new OfCom UK  research on nearly 2,000 adults and 800 children, has found that six year olds claim to...  >>

Boost your Net Promoter Score and Watch Customer Care Costs Plummet

Insight Fuel
Cable operators want customers who promote their service. Improved multi-channel self service and better proactive notifications are two ways our survey showed that operators can transform subscribers...  >>

Why I actually want to pay MORE for my content

Amdocs Voices
“You’re not exactly without cable TV, but you’re with much, much less of it,” explains the Huffington Post’s Geoffrey Fowler about innovative approaches being adopted by some North...  >>

Hello, wearable technology. Nice to meet you. (Or was it?)

Amdocs Voices
When I first heard about smartwatches, I couldn’t envisage myself ever using one. (After all, who needs a watch, when you have a phone?) But when Google I/O 2014 participants were kindly given a...  >>

7 Key Benefits of Self-Optimizing Networks

The RAN Blog
There’s no doubt about it; as service providers move towards optimizing their networks through automation, the adoption of self-optimizing networks (SONs) is growing. The last year couple of years...  >>

Why smart homes could be a smart move

Amdocs Voices
Would you pay $65 for a device just so that you could have the convenience of switching off your bedside light using the comfort of a remote rather than stretching over to turn the light off itself?...  >>

We Won Prestigious LTE Product Award!

Insight Fuel
Amdocs Smart Cell Placement solution was recognized for its advanced network analytics, receiving the Best Test/Measurement LTE Product award from Telecoms.com....  >>
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