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How Sweet M2M is…Horizontally

Insight Fuel
It's time that the M2M platform industry focuses on horizontal capabilities. M2M application components will become increasingly productized as the overall M2M application development environment...  >>

One Small Step for AT&T, One Giant Leap for Mobile Data

Keeping it Real(time)
When AT&T announced their sponsored data program, they opened the door to a wide range of Over-the-Top promotions. And that, in turn, opens the door to huge potential...  >>

How Sweet M2M Is

Insight Fuel
M2M is here. It's generating big revenues and endless opportunities. However, the focus has been on increasing application deployment efficiency, and not on development of IoT-style applications....  >>

Samsung and Amazon tie the knot – where were mobile SPs?

Keeping it Real(time)
Amazon's got the content, and Samsung's got the hardware. It's a win-win partnership, but there's a third wheel who could really make this partnership fly...service...  >>

Unleashing Business Creativity

Keeping it Real(time)
Setting up multiple, customized partnerships is complex, and of course not all partners or partnerships are created equal. as networks become more congested, multi-media apps, such as video and music...  >>

The explosive rise of self-optimizing networks

Insight Fuel
The network has moved to the heart of the customer experience. Self-optimizing networks are growing explosively, due to their strong and valuable set of benefits that are almost instantly measurable...  >>

WhatsApp with Popular Applications and Data Packages?

Keeping it Real(time)
Service providers are using OTT applications to entice customers to their service, either as a limited data package or as a one time promotion to introduce value of data to new...  >>

The 3 Major Assets Operators Bring to OTT Partnerships

Keeping it Real(time)
Service providers have three things OTT players want: subscriber base, payment pipeline and quality of...  >>

What’s Important to MVNOs?

Insight Fuel
Flexibility remains one of the most important characteristics for an MVNO, while managing and understanding technology remains a fundamental challenge....  >>

OTT Players Aren’t Always Award Winning…

Keeping it Real(time)
LIfe isn't always so grand for Over-The-Top (OTT) players. Quality of Service issues can become a serious problem for...  >>
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