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Network congested? Maybe your customers can help…

Insight Fuel
Customers expect great service no matter where they go, or when they go there. But it’s not always simple for mobile service providers to meet that expectation. Even as service providers invest in...  >>

The MVNO Challenge

Insight Fuel
The MVNO market is booming, and it’s hard to pinpoint just one reason for this growth. Certainly regulatory changes have opened up new markets. Service providers (MNOs), eager to further...  >>

Virtualized Policy Control: Fine-tuning data plans for enterprise customers

Network Talk
Fast delivery of data services has long been a challenge for service providers. When you look at enterprise services, it can take months to turn up new data plans, and there’s little...  >>

Squeeze 25% more from your RAN

Network Talk
If the size of mobile phones grew as quickly as our data consumption, we’d all be holding skyscrapers to our ears. Data demand is increasing exponentially – yet that in itself is not a problem....  >>

Mark Zuckerberg’s marketing lesson for mobile financial services

Amdocs Voices
When Mark Zuckerberg talks, it pays to pay attention. And although the Facebook chief executive wasn’t directly addressing the issue of mobile financial services in an interview with...  >>

Delivering new services made easy at last

Insight Fuel
Communications customers today have countless choices – a wide range of new services and multi-play bundles that they can purchase where, and from whom they wish. But behind the scenes, making life...  >>

Simplifying enterprise order complexity

Network Talk
As the former head of marketing for a fixed-line services provider, I know first-hand how difficult order delivery for enterprise customers can be. It didn’t matter how well I understood the...  >>

Is consistent service across channels just a pipedream?

Insight Fuel
Have you ever seen a great new offer for a mobile service package advertised on TV, but when you went online to your account to take advantage of the offer, it wasn’t available? Well, it just...  >>

The 5 Dont’s of Reducing Time to Market

Insight Fuel
When aiming to improve the Time to Market factor in releasing new offers, there are five major elements that should be carefully examined. Falling prey to any of the following could mean the...  >>

The Disappearing C-Note and the World of Mobile Financial Services

Insight Fuel
Branchless banking, microfinance and mobile commerce have all become part of our daily lexicon, and the marketplace is finally receptive to payment service providers launching and scaling their mobile...  >>
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