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What Sparks the Move to SON?

The RAN Blog
You may have heard today’s announcement that Vodafone Hutchison Australia has just implemented Amdocs SON. But what’s interesting is their particular reason for doing so. Most operators...  >>

Show Them the Money

Insight Fuel
Eighty percent of urban Indians plan to buy a smartphone in the next 12 months. This is more than the percentage of my fellow Brits who brush their teeth every day. Choosing to adopt a digital...  >>

Still trying to ride your old bike?

Insight Fuel
Networks have grown exponentially over the past few years, but network planning hasn't kept up. Service providers need an end-to-end project orchestration system for network rollouts....  >>

How much do you know about your data privacy? A holiday quiz for you….

Amdocs Voices
Looking for something to keep the conversation flowing over a long Christmas lunch as your fellow guests whip out their smartphones to constantly check their messages and post selfies? Get them...  >>

Orchestrate your way to a better network

Insight Fuel
Networks today are growing faster than ever before, driven by the unprecedented demand for more capacity, better coverage and faster speeds. However, service providers are having a hard time planning...  >>

Fixing the Enterprise Challenge

Insight Fuel
Together with Heavy Reading, we looked at some of the issues service providers face while servicing enterprise accounts. Change is on the horizon....  >>

Why Cyber Monday would be even better if it was a multichannel experience

Amdocs Voices
Are you and your credit cards ready for Black Friday tomorrow, and Cyber Monday next week? You can bet that the online retail king Amazon will be: after all, last year, in the UK alone, Amazon took...  >>

Relieve the burden of enterprise product management

Insight Fuel
In a world where getting to market quickly with the right offer is critical, too many service providers trip over their own systems and processes. A good product lifecycle management solution is key...  >>

Challenges of the Hyper-Connected World

Insight Fuel
Today, Amdocs announced the release of CES 9.2, our latest suite of solutions designed to help service providers “succeed in the hyper-connected world”. But what exactly is the hyper-connected...  >>

The trend that Facebook didn’t spot – but service providers did.

Amdocs Voices
Maybe it’s an age thing, but I’ve never felt comfortable sharing my work life on my Facebook page alongside photos of myself drinking beer in exotic locations. So I, for one, hope that the news...  >>
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