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Multi-play evolution in progress

Insight Fuel
Fierce Wireless’ latest quadplay report is hot off the press. The European mobile industry giants are evolving toward fixed-mobile convergence – creating quadplay bundles that combine...  >>

Back to London for More Managed Services

Insight Fuel
This year's Managed Services World Congress has great speakers and case studies, including Amdocs' Yoav Guez, and the Vodafone Germany - Amdocs managed services...  >>

Why independence is vital in HetNet management

The RAN Blog
Managing HetNets with their different access technologies, different network vendors, and different cell sizes is complicated. The right C-SON system will have everything in place to be that...  >>

What do you want from your Pay TV provider?

Insight Fuel
For Pay TV to maintain its position in the market against over the top (OTT) players, Pay TV Operators need to play to their strengths, and drive home messages of a superior user viewing...  >>

Will Amazon’s newest acquisition make Pay-TV providers a little Twitchy?

Amdocs Voices
What would you prefer to watch: “The Sopranos,” “24,” “Breaking Bad,” or… how about other people playing a League of Legends video game? Amazon recently just bet $1.1 billion on the...  >>

Will Apple’s iPhone 6 revolutionize the way you shop – and the way you pay?

Amdocs Voices
If the rumors circling next week’s iPhone 6 launch are correct, Apple’s newest and long-awaited device won’t just offer a substantially bigger screen, slimmer profile, faster processor and...  >>

Big surprise: LTE networks are overstretched. Now what?

The RAN Blog
The expression, "if you build it, they will come," adapted from the movie Field of Dreams, isn’t always the best business model. Yet that’s exactly what happened with LTE networks. Operators built...  >>

Will smart shirts win big at this week’s US Open tennis championships?

Amdocs Voices
Hats off – or should that be, shirts on? –  to Ralph Lauren. The master of preppy tailoring has succeeded in bringing wearable technology on to the fashion pages of The New York Times. At this...  >>

Why the sky is (literally) going to be the limit for fast Wi-Fi

Amdocs Voices
Would you be being willing to pay more for a specific flight just so that you could stay connected to the Internet? Or to agree to swap your plane ticket for the chance of flying standby on another...  >>

4 Elements Your Cloud Ecosystem Needs

Insight Fuel
To be successful, service providers offering cloud-based services need to build partnerships, and develop these four elements as part of their cloud offering....  >>
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