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New niches abound for agile cable operators

Network Talk
Has the cable market reached saturation point? It depends on your perspective. While the squeeze is on in the consumer market, especially with competition from OTTs such as Netflix and Hulu,...  >>

The Internet wasn’t built in a day – and neither will Network Virtualization!

Network Talk
The Internet was without a doubt a major game-changer in communications technology yet it took the best part of 20 years for the internet to evolve from the invention of TCP/IP (Internet Protocol...  >>

What 5G Won’t Fix

Network Talk
We are creeping up on, arguably, the most transformative generation of mobile services this world has ever seen – 5G. With 5G deployments expected within the next five years, network engineers...  >>

The customer experience: One-night stand or long-term relationship?

Amdocs Voices
Earlier this month, my wife and I celebrated a special milestone: we met for the first time exactly 8,000 days ago in London (I was cooking tarragon chicken and, yes, the rest is history). Counting...  >>

Building Value and Revenue with Wi-Fi Services

Network Talk
I recently vacationed with friends who were obsessed with posting their daily snaps to Instagram. Everywhere we went, I heard the familiar refrains: “Is there Wi-Fi here? Can you get a...  >>

Why LA’s basketball scene could turn out to be the “make or break” content of the Pay-TV world

Amdocs Voices
“For the sports fan,” wrote Maury Brown in Forbes Business last September, “it may be you that are some of the very last to join the cord-cutting revolution.” Brown was alluding to the fact...  >>

Hooking Subscribers with Free Access to Their Favorite Things

Insight Fuel
Everyone’s heard the old maxim “there’s no such thing as a free lunch.” By now, it’s been turned into a dozen different amusing memes and lampooned across the Web – but everyone still...  >>

Tip your hat to the SMS – it’s now a “killer app”

Amdocs Voices
The SMS is being described as a “killer app”? Seriously, who saw that coming? But as unexpected as that might be, the humble SMS – often regarded as an outdated technology and increasingly...  >>

Should Service Providers Rethink How They Charge for Video? Gartner Says Yes!

Insight Fuel
Video didn’t just kill the radio star, it’s now consuming more and more of the world’s mobile bandwidth. In fact, according to Gartner research director Jessica Ekholm, video usage as a...  >>

Avoiding communication by reaching for your cellphone

Amdocs Voices
Have a think about it – does your phone help you to communicate more or (ironically) less? Hot on the heels of Ofcom’s recent report about how the smartphone is dramatically changing the way we...  >>
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