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Challenges of the Hyper-Connected World

Insight Fuel
Today, Amdocs announced the release of CES 9.2, our latest suite of solutions designed to help service providers “succeed in the hyper-connected world”. But what exactly is the hyper-connected...  >>

The trend that Facebook didn’t spot – but service providers did.

Amdocs Voices
Maybe it’s an age thing, but I’ve never felt comfortable sharing my work life on my Facebook page alongside photos of myself drinking beer in exotic locations. So I, for one, hope that the news...  >>

Can service providers bring value to an IoT world?

Insight Fuel
Service providers have started making inroads into the SmartHome, but face strong OTT competition. However, service providers have some big advantages over their competition....  >>

Why we should think smaller than Big Data… (Live from the Telco Big Data Summit, Barcelona)

Amdocs Voices
Just when you’re getting used to “big data”, meet “small data”. While it might be a relatively new name for some of you, the ability to significantly personalize big data is a long-term...  >>

Who can be trusted with your data? (Live from the Telco Big Data Summit, Barcelona

Amdocs Voices
If you’re concerned about what’s happening to the massive amounts of data that you’re probably generating – especially in light of constant references to “data monetization” – you...  >>

Selling Cloud Services isn’t about the Technology

Insight Fuel
Service providers trying to sell cloud services to small and medium sized businesses should stop focusing on the technology, and focus on the benefits available to...  >>

Live from the Telco Big Data Summit: Why should you invest in big data analytics? Just ask the service providers …

Amdocs Voices
Want to hear an argument for introducing big data analytics into your operations? According to Stefan Brock, head of production architecture at Swisscom, “From the analytics we’ve done so far...  >>

Are you ready for the switch to 4G LTE?

Insight Fuel
Plenty of service providers (and their end-customers) have jumped on the 4G LTE bandwagon. As a result, two of the most immediate and noticeable changes we are seeing are the speed at which data...  >>

Innovation: A Lesson in Survival

Insight Fuel
Industries that innovate are the ones that stand the test of time. I was reminded of this again at a recent conference on innovation by a presentation which summarized 500 years of the Royal Mail...  >>

Why there’s hope for online streaming…

Amdocs Voices
Last Sunday, I watched the Detroit Lions march down the field as they attempted to complete their comeback against the Atlanta Falcons. With four seconds left on the clock, they had lined up to...  >>
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