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The explosive rise of self-optimizing networks

Insight Fuel
The network has moved to the heart of the customer experience. Self-optimizing networks are growing explosively, due to their strong and valuable set of benefits that are almost instantly measurable...  >>

WhatsApp with Popular Applications and Data Packages?

Keeping it Real(time)
Service providers are using OTT applications to entice customers to their service, either as a limited data package or as a one time promotion to introduce value of data to new...  >>

The 3 Major Assets Operators Bring to OTT Partnerships

Keeping it Real(time)
Service providers have three things OTT players want: subscriber base, payment pipeline and quality of...  >>

What’s Important to MVNOs?

Insight Fuel
Flexibility remains one of the most important characteristics for an MVNO, while managing and understanding technology remains a fundamental challenge....  >>

OTT Players Aren’t Always Award Winning…

Keeping it Real(time)
LIfe isn't always so grand for Over-The-Top (OTT) players. Quality of Service issues can become a serious problem for...  >>

Are you ready for VoLTE?

The Power of Policy
VoLTE has to meet - and exceed - traditional voice quality and services to really make its mark, which is where policy control becomes...  >>

The big small cell challenge

Insight Fuel
Phil Bull talks at Small Cell Asia how Amdocs' approach can significantly reduce the time and effort to create the hundreds of sub-projects needed in a large-scale small cell...  >>

Another Fire breaks out in TV land

Keeping it Real(time)
Amazon’s recently dropped “Fire TV” bomb, which is literally going from press release to stores in a matter of days, adds even more heat to the intensifying competition for eyeballs, and raises...  >>

Service Providers: Left Out of the OTT Game?

Keeping it Real(time)
Service providers are losing out on hundreds of millions of dollars per day to OTT players like Skype and WhatsApp. To get back in the game, service providers need to come up with strategies to...  >>

What’s real (and what’s not) on April 1st…

Amdocs Voices
April 1st is definitely one of those days when reading (and believing) industry news becomes just that little bit more challenging. Since Amdocs Voices definitely believes in sharing what’s going on...  >>
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