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Introducing the world’s first connected suitcase: you didn’t know you needed it until now… (Live from Mobile World Congress)

Amdocs Voices
Worried about losing your suitcase? Concerned your luggage is overweight? Fraught with fear your phone is about to die on you? Your worries are now over – for the small cost of $500, you can be...  >>

AVG’s CEO explains how to combat a dangerous cyberworld (Live from Mobile World Congress)

Amdocs Voices
He didn’t mince words. Trust is under threat in the new digital world, stated AVG Technologies CEO Gary Kovacs in today’s keynote address at Mobile World Congress. And without this trust, he...  >>

When will wearables finally go mainstream? (Live from Mobile World Congress 2015)

Amdocs Voices
Well, if Eric Migicovsky, the founder and CEO of Pebble, can’t answer that question, nobody can. Launching the new Pebble Time Steel watch at a panel on Day Two of Mobile World Congress in...  >>

FCC head makes spirited defense of net neutrality ruling (Live from Mobile World Congress 2015)

Amdocs Voices
Tom Wheeler, the US Federal Communications Commission chairman, made a spirited defense of the recent FCC ruling to reclassify fixed and mobile broadband as a telecommunications service and place it...  >>

Welcome to a 5G world – and get ready to stop driving. (Live from Mobile World Congress 2015)

Amdocs Voices
While consumers around the developed world are getting used to the roll out of 4G networks, here at Day Two of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the real excitement centers on 5G which, as...  >>

Mobile World Congress: What a difference 10 years makes

Amdocs Voices
It’s been ten years since the annual Mobile World Congress (MWC) event moved from Nice to a much larger venue in Barcelona, and a lot has changed since then. Consider that back in 2005 the iPhone...  >>

Mind-blowing statistics, anyone? Five key facts from the keynotes (Live from Mobile World Congress)

Amdocs Voices
Ask any one of the 85,000 attendees at Mobile World Congress, and my guess is they’ll confirm it: one thing there won’t be a shortage of this week in Barcelona will be statistics. So courtesy of...  >>

What do customers really, really want? Just ask Vodafone’s CEO. (Live from Mobile World Congress)

Amdocs Voices
Do service providers know what their subscribers really want? According to Vodafone chief executive Vittorio Colao, they do. Speaking at the opening session of Mobile World Congress here in Barcelona...  >>

Facebook’s Zuckerberg launches charm offensive at service providers (Live from Mobile World Congress)

Amdocs Voices
Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg launched a charm offensive aimed at mobile operators today in Barcelona, but if the comments made earlier this morning by service provider chief executives...  >>

Mobile World Congress Roundup – Monday, March 2

Insight Fuel
What's been going on at Mobile World Congress? Today was dominated by the big-hitters announcing handsets, mobile financial services, smartwatches, and Google announcing its very own mobile...  >>
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