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Why Having a Big Data Mindset is a Must

Insight Fuel
Big data analysis of usage data is emerging as a goldmine for achieving differentiation in our industry’s fiercely competitive landscape. Service providers are investing in big data technologies...  >>

Watching Apple’s market cap tick towards the $1 trillion mark

Amdocs Voices
“Apple Watch begins a new chapter in the way we relate to technology and we think our customers are going to love it,” explains Apple’s chief executive Tim Cook. Well, there’s definitely...  >>

Is quality of service the solution to 4G monetization?

Insight Fuel
While our industry is continuing to advance in terms of technology, costs are rising and profits are plummeting. So what can be done to stop the bleeding? With service providers continuing to...  >>

Wi-Fi or Cellular? Optimizing customer network experience

Network Talk
Many cellular service providers build Wi-Fi networks to enhance capacity, coverage and reduce costs, due to their lower cost infrastructure compared to cellular networks. But in order for Wi-Fi to...  >>

Three Key Ways to Unlock the True Potential of Usage Data

Insight Fuel
Tier 1 service providers are already storing billions of network events every day. That’s a ton of BIG data. And with an ever-increasing need for data bringing on even fiercer competitiveness,...  >>

Why Amdocs is a Stratecast Pick for “10 to Watch in 2015”

Network Talk
Frost & Sullivan recently released its annual Stratecast “Global Operations & Monetization 10 to Watch in 2015,” which highlights the companies helping service providers...  >>

Are You Using Big Data For All it’s Worth?

Insight Fuel
Big data is growing at colossal speeds. And,the dominating subject of some of the more interesting pieces on big data I’ve read recently seems to be our ability to get the most out of it. While...  >>

How AT&T Attracted 2 Million Customers in Just 5 Weeks with Shared Data

Insight Fuel
Your customers are consuming more data on more devices than ever before. And it’s probably already hit you that those demands on data are only going to increase, as more and more devices come...  >>

Tackle Your Data Usage With Multi-Service Consumption

Insight Fuel
I’m sure you’ve been there. That moment when you’re video calling your mom on your new iPhone 6 LTE, while at the same time checking Facebook on your old, first-edition 3G tablet. Or that...  >>

4 Driving Forces for SON

Network Talk
The self-optimizing network (SON) conversation is changing. There's a new maturity. Operators know they need it and it is a case of when and how, rather than if. But what’s driving this change?...  >>
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