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Building a Better Bill

Insight Fuel
Pop quiz. What do service providers consider to be their most important channel for reaching their customers? Think about it for a minute. To the few of you who said monthly bill, well done. And...  >>

An intimate understanding of customer experience

Big Data Dive
The question service providers need ask themselves is: “What’s it like to be the customer?” But no simple speed test answers this question. For every person using a mobile device there...  >>

Can my cable operator become an Amazon?

Insight Fuel
Recent experiences with multi-channel shopping has left Mirit Ashkenazi asking the question, why can't my cable company be more like my favorite shoe...  >>

Demystifying Marketing Analytics

Big Data Dive
There’s a hyped buzz around analytics for marketing. Speaking with service providers, we keep hearing that marketing use cases are among the highest priorities for them in implementing big data...  >>

Forecasting the market impact of a connected umbrella

Amdocs Voices
Could a nationwide stock of connected umbrellas replace the National Weather Service? Is weather forecasting via crowdsourcing more accurate than a room of high-performance computers? These were some...  >>

Episode 3 – The Secret to Real Time Optimization

Big Data Dive
The prepaid market is demanding and fast-paced, similar to a successful fast food chain. But whereas the fast food industry relies on preheated and precooked ingredients, service providers dare not...  >>

5 Reasons Service Providers Adore VoLTE

Insight Fuel
Verizon Wireless, America’s (and one of the world’s) largest deployed 4G-LTE network was the latest US carrier to announce its Voice over LTE service is being offered nationwide. With the vast...  >>

Big Data in Marketing: The Rise of the Machines?

Big Data Dive
The use of big data analytics in the world of consumer marketing at service providers is about to have the biggest impact on the industry since it began. Does this mean that marketers are about to be...  >>

Say goodbye to “mean tweets” with analytics

Big Data Dive
If you’re a TELUS customer, don’t worry – your feedback, (both good and bad), is being heard loud and clear. TELUS, Canada’s second largest mobile service provider, demonstrates a healthy...  >>

Dive into the Data

Big Data Dive
When it comes to big data analytics, you don’t always know what you’re looking for. But once you dive into the data, today’s machine-learning and big data technologies can give you timely...  >>
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