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Avoiding communication by reaching for your cellphone

Amdocs Voices
Have a think about it – does your phone help you to communicate more or (ironically) less? Hot on the heels of Ofcom’s recent report about how the smartphone is dramatically changing the way we...  >>

Right first time HetNet deployment: A smarter approach!

Network Talk
You only get one chance to get it right when you’re building an aircraft, with no room for errors, and it’s a complex project environment in much the same way as building a modern telecoms...  >>

The Three Different Types of Bill Readers – And How to Grab Their Attention

Insight Fuel
You might not have been aware of it, but there are three types of readers who read your monthly service provider bills. And as it’s often said that the best things come in threes, your...  >>

Why Consistency is Key in the Age of Omni-Channel Access

Insight Fuel
Today, everyone is on the go and connected via multiple devices. And the ability to access bills from multiple channels at any place and time is a major factor impacting customer satisfaction....  >>

Five Simple Guidelines to Successfully Design Your Digital Bill

Insight Fuel
According to Gartner, by 2017, 70% of customer communications will be digital, contextualized and consumed on demand via multiple channels, including the Web, mobile devices and social media. So with...  >>

Get More Out of Your Benchmark Data

Network Talk
Aside from customer feedback, how do mobile network operators (MNOs) know exactly how well – or alternatively, how poorly – their networks are performing? And how do MNOs uncover how they...  >>

As retail customers move online, how can you get ready?

Insight Fuel
According to Forrester Research, by 2017, 60% of all retail transactions will involve an online interaction at some point along the customer journey. And if these numbers hold true, companies will...  >>

From selfies to mobile table manners, welcome to the smartphone society

Amdocs Voices
The other day, while sitting in a café and watching the efforts of a family of five trying to squeeze everyone into a “selfie”, I offered to take the photo. No thanks, said the mother – we...  >>

Reduce Your LTE and Small Cells Rollout Risk

Network Talk
  Increased app usage, more mobile video streaming and the explosive growth of mobile data traffic are creating the perfect storm for data consumption. The demand for ever increasing...  >>

Quick and Easy VoLTE Use Cases for Enterprise Customers

Insight Fuel
When most people think about VoLTE, they tend to focus on all the cool things it offers the average subscriber. But what about business customers? VoLTE offers businesses very real advantages –...  >>
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