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Steve Jobs and the gorillas (aka LTE in action)

What has Steve Jobs got to do with gorillas? Well, after I finished blogging and tweeting from the 4G World (LTE) conference last week in Chicago, I came across another example of long-term evolution (aka LTE…) I’d like to think Steve Jobs would get a kick out of seeing who is using touchscreen technology these days! The gorillas at Chicago’s Lincoln Park zoo are being trained to identify specific objects – in this case, blue circles – in return for the ultimate tasty reward (blueberries) BLOGGER: NAOMI WEISER  More >>

Thank you, Steve

BLOGGER: ERIC M. DANIS Should it surprise anyone that the phrase “Steve Jobs changed the world” generates 50 million search results on Google? Legions of Apple fans are mourning the sad passing of Steve Jobs, innovator extraordinaire, while commentators struggle to assess the true impact of his incredible legacy. He was certainly a major driver of the connected world. My four-year-old, who eagerly grabs my iPad 2 whenever he has the chance, surely will never be able to fathom what life was like before Steve Jobs (along with Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak), revolutionized the way we work and live by […]  More >>

Picking up the pieces of customer fragmentation

BLOGGER: MICHAL HARRIS Steve Jobs memorably lashed out against Google last month, saying “Android is very, very fragmented and getting more fragmented by the day,” insisting that “when selling to users who want their devices to just work, we believe integrated will trump fragmented every time.” Jobs was arguing that Apple’s closed platform approach offered consumers the best possible customer experience. But given the fact that Android phones are outselling the iPhone by 2-1 according to recent research, it’s clear that not everybody agrees with him. In fact, customers are not only divided over whether to prefer Apple over Google, […]  More >>