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Is being connected a basic human right?

BLOGGER: NAOMI WEISER Think basic human rights and what probably spring to mind are the “usual” civil, economic, social  and political rights, including the right to vote, to free speech, to be safe, to health, privacy and an adequate standard of living. Luckily for me, these all applied to me at the time I was born, but another, perhaps less obvious one has been added by the UN to the list since then – the right to be connected to the Internet. Taking this further are the US Minority Media and Telecommunications Council (MMTC),  who view broadband access and adoption as […]  More >>

The Unintentional Consequences of a Court Ruling

  The real danger of this month’s US federal appeals court ruling rejecting the authority of the Federal Communications Commission to regulate the Internet has little to do with the threat to net neutrality and whether service providers will suddenly soon start charging consumers extra for YouTube access. The sting in the tail comes in the implications the court ruling has for the FCC’s national broadband plan, a much-needed program to bring broadband access to 100 million Americans. To quickly recap: a federal appeals court ruled earlier this month, by a 3-0 majority, that the FCC had no authority to […]  More >>