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More than just a fashionable move

It’s obviously far too early to tell whether Intel’s $15.3 billion proposed acquisition of Mobileye, the maker of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), will prove a smart maneuver, but at least Intel’s accelerated move into autonomous driving has a clear route forward. Which is more than can be said for Levi’s announcement that its new connected jacket, The Commuter, powered by technology from Google’s Advanced Technology and Products group, will be on sale this fall.  More >>

Is the price of your privacy a new flashlight app?

Remember the dodo bird? No surprise there if you don’t — it disappeared a long time ago. Unfortunately, our privacy looks like it’s heading in the same direction as our now legendary feathered friend. It doesn’t seem to matter that everybody agrees how extremely important privacy is — we’re still happily giving it up in exchange for a navigation/social/search, or even a flashlight app.  More >>

How much do you know about your data privacy? A holiday quiz for you….

Looking for something to keep the conversation flowing over a long Christmas lunch as your fellow guests whip out their smartphones to constantly check their messages and post selfies? Get them to try out this five-minute “How much do you know about the web and digital technology” quiz compiled by the Pew Research Internet Project.  And while it might be a little geeky for Christmas Day, it’s fun and gives you the chance to see how much you know compared to over 1,000 adult American Internet users. Pew’s analysis of the results [spoiler alert!] finds that while most Internet users […]  More >>

Will smart shirts win big at this week’s US Open tennis championships?

Hats off – or should that be, shirts on? –  to Ralph Lauren. The master of preppy tailoring has succeeded in bringing wearable technology on to the fashion pages of The New York Times. At this week’s US Open tennis championship in New York, the ball boys are wearing a sleek body-hugging athletic Polo Tech shirt that also has sensors woven into the fabric that can take readings of the wearer’s heart rate, breathing and stress levels, amount of energy exerted, and movement.  Once the tournament is over, Ralph Lauren plans to release anonymized aggregated data collected by OMsignal’s wearable technology […]  More >>

Live from MWC: The two main takeaways from Barcelona

As Mobile World Congress 2014 comes to a close today, two major themes stand out from the four days of discussion here in Barcelona: big data and the Internet of Things. As IBM’s chief executive officer Virginia Rometty put it last night in her keynote address: “Data is the world’s new natural resource” and will become a key competitive advantage for every industry. “I think we will look back at this time and see data as a resource that drove the 21st century,” she said. Rometty also cited two other trends as key shifts in the technology industry: cloud and what […]  More >>

Live from MWC: The industry’s moral responsibility (according to Deutsche Telekom’s CEO)

“As an industry, we have a moral responsibility to ensure that people know what happens to their data,” said Timotheus Höttges, the new Deutsche Telekom CEO. Speaking on the second morning of Mobile World Congress 2014 here in Barcelona, Höttges pointed out that most customers failed to understand that “if an app is free, then you are not the customer, you are the product,” explaining that once the app has been downloaded, the app makers then sell on the customer’s personal data they gained during the download to advertisers or use this data themselves to sell other products.  More >>

What have sheep got to do with Day Three of 4G World?

Day 3 of the conference and my head is reeling from all the stats being used to illustrate how quickly (and how much) our world is changing around us. But here’s one that made me pause for thought courtesy of Intel’s Steve Price who advised us that the amount of video watched in just one Internet minute in 2015 would take a single person five years to view (a challenge I think I’ll pass on!) A big focus of the conference has been on data. It’s recognized as both potentially extremely valuable and a competitive differentiator, providing it can be […]  More >>

The best things in life are (probably not) free

BLOGGER: RAFI KRETCHMER  Google’s announcement that every Chrome OS netbook will ship with free data access from Verizon does not mean consumers can look forward to downloading huge amounts of data for free once the netbooks hit US stores in the first half of next year. Under its partnership with Verizon, every Chrome OS netbook will ship with a cellular modem, for both WiFi and 3G networks, and subscribers will get 100MB of free data every month for two years. And there’s the catch: 100MB of data a month will possibly stretch to checking your email every day but not […]  More >>

Are you in control of your data?

BLOGGER: NAOMI WEISER When I joined Facebook, I remember the legal notice at the time said something to the effect that anything you post on Facebook was their property to do with as they pleased. Slightly worrying, but I kept it in mind when adding information, making sure it wasn’t too personal. I also checked the privacy settings and rather smugly thought everything was somewhat under control. That was until a hiccup by Facebook admin last year meant I couldn’t access my Facebook profile for weeks. I couldn’t even remove my profile to let my friends know that I was […]  More >>