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Forecasting the market impact of a connected umbrella

Could a nationwide stock of connected umbrellas replace the National Weather Service? Is weather forecasting via crowdsourcing more accurate than a room of high-performance computers? These were some of the questions posed recently by industry analyst Teresa Cottam who used them to illustrate business model disruption in the emerging Internet of Things (IoT) and wearables markets. Putting aside the question as to how service providers can earn revenues from wearable tech beyond supplying connectivity, how will wearable tech impact their business model?  More >>

Are you ready for “the next big thing”?

BLOGGER: JEFF BARAK Afraid of somehow losing your beloved pet dog? Not to worry – that’ll soon become a thing of the past. The tracking devices that fleet managers use for their trucks and cars are on their way to becoming embedded in household pets (or to be more precise, in their collars) as new connected devices bring on a huge wave of change in the wireless industry. Speaking at TM Forum’s Management World Americas, AT&T’s David Haight firmly believes emerging devices are going to be “the next big thing.” With mobile penetration already at between 98 and 100 percent […]  More >>

One family, one data plan?

BLOGGER: RAFI KRETCHMER At last count, my family had seven data-hungry devices connected to my service provider’s network. Yet I have four data plans. To me, it would make perfect sense to have one, understandable family data plan, which would even enable me to save some money. But it’s not that easy; service providers aren’t quite ready to do this. Almost all of them initially came out of the gate with all-you-can eat data plans. This made sense when most families had only one or two devices that could consume data. But now, with families having six, eight, and even […]  More >>