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It’s just “not cricket”. (Why a good customer experience wasn’t good enough)

On Sunday night, my home Internet connection disappeared. As it was almost midnight and I assumed the router just needed rebooting, I left it until the morning. However, after an unsuccessful reboot on Monday morning, I started to get worried. As an English expat living and working overseas, I rely heavily on my home Internet connection to connect me to the important things in life – and that includes live coverage of the cricket that I otherwise wouldn’t be able to access in my location. And right now that’s the long-awaited, crucial Ashes Test series between England and Australia that […]  More >>

Buddhist monks and data packets? Bharti Airtel shares a customer segmentation story…

What do Buddhist monks have to do with data packets? No, we didn’t know either until Bharti Airtel’s Uddalak Chatterjee took us through the dos (and don’ts) of how to get customer segmentation right in a country which is as widely diverse as India. Presenting at last week’s CEM Telecoms conference, Chatterjee, who is Bharti’s Director General Customer Experience, shared the major challenge of how to effectively segment and present relevant offers to over 900M subscribers who speak over 200 languages between them. Chatterjee explained that it didn’t take Bharti long to realize that bombarding customers with multiple offers via […]  More >>

Lessons learned from Google’s failure

No doubt many service providers are cracking open the champagne at the news that Google is shutting its online mobile phone store. As Andy Rubin, Google’s head of mobile admitted: “It’s clear that many customers like a hands-on experience before buying a phone, and they also want a wide range of service plans to choose from.” But before the celebration of an unusual Google failure gets underway, service providers should take a sober look at their own smartphone sales process. According to a recent survey, one out of six consumers are unaware of their smartphone’s advanced features or don’t know […]  More >>