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Who needs a passport when you’ve got your iPad with you

BLOGGER: JEFF BARAK I wouldn’t recommend throwing away your passports just yet, but it’s certainly worth scanning them and storing them on your iPad. A Canadian, heading for the US border last month to drop off some Christmas presents for his friend’s children, realized he had forgotten his passport. Rather than make the two-hour journey back to his home in Montreal to get it, Martin Reisch decided to take a chance – he  made his way to the border crossing, where he handed in his iPad and showed the border guard the scan he had made some years earlier of […]  More >>

(Digital) Hollywood goes a little over the top

BLOGGER: KEN ROULIER Next time you sit down to enjoy the latest episode of “Modern Family”, you’re probably blissfully unaware of the fierce battle going on right now over how you watch TV.  And since there’s a $200+ billion market up for grabs, the stakes are high. The contenders are “traditional” Pay TV providers (cable, satellite, IPTV) versus the upstart OTT services i.e. over the top services such as Hulu that you can use over a network, but aren’t actually being offered by that network operator. At the recent Digital Hollywood NY conference, my panel of TV industry experts debated […]  More >>

Thoughts from The Cable Show: Where’s the lifetime value?

BLOGGER: DAVID JACOBS I was a little surprised by what was left off the packed agenda at The Cable Show, which took place in Chicago last week. As expected, there was a lot of talk around TV Anywhere, the impact of OTT video services from the likes of Netflix and Apple, and how the cable industry can maintain its lead through continuous innovation. At the opening session, Jeff Bewkes, Chairman & CEO of Time Warner, commented: “Put the TV on the Internet“.  He wasn’t suggesting that content should be free – he was saying we should keep the existing business […]  More >>