Where does PAY-TV go from here? New research reveals the “Experience Generation”

f you haven’t seen what happens in season 6 of Game of Thrones yet, don’t worry – no spoilers ahead! But it’s premium on-demand programs like this or a one-off sporting event that are compelling enough to persuade 18-21 year olds to sign up with a Pay-TV or OTT service just to watch it. Nothing wrong with that, you would think – except for the fact that once it’s over, 43% of them told 451 Research in a new Amdocs-commissioned survey that they then go and cancel their subscription  More >>

Why there’s money to be made from NY sidewalks (and data analytics)

If you’re planning a trip to New York this summer, you might end up walking the streets – literally. Overcrowded sidewalks, particularly around key transit hubs like Penn Station and Port Authority Bus Terminal, are forcing pedestrians off the sidewalks and onto the street. In order to alleviate the congestion, transport officials are starting to collect data to help them identify which specific places to invest in. By the way, Fifth Avenue might be a good place to start …  More >>

Why the digital teen would rather be Bill Gates than Adele

Forget Taylor Swift or Adele – teenagers’ connection to technology is so strong that two thirds of teenagers say they would rather be Bill Gates when they grow up than a pop star. And they don’t just want to use technology, they’re happy for it to become an actual physical part of their bodies, with an astonishing 78 percent of teenagers willing to have an Internet-connected device embedded in their arm. If you’re finding that a little difficult to understand, you’re not the only one – apparently, so is your communication service provider.  More >>

It’s “va va voom!” as connected cars overtake mobile phones

Guess what’s driving growth in the mobile-phone saturated US cellular market? The clue’s in the word “driving”. According to the latest report from industry consultant Chetan Sharma, the major American carriers actually added more connected cars as new accounts than they did phones. “The market position of the car today is similar to where the smartphone was in 2010 — it’s just taken off and is ready to explode.” says Business Intelligence’s Andrew Meola.  More >>
itv doctor

Truly targeted advertising – (Live from INTX 2016)

As Michael Powell, president and CEO of the National Cable & Telecommunications Association, said on the first day of INTX 2016 here in Boston: “Viewing patterns are driving change. Consumers see every screen as a television.”  And watching video has a profound impact on how consumers react to adverts. At the show, Amdocs’ Ofir Daniel along with Rick Howe, the iTV Doctor, demonstrated an innovative new solution which personalizes advertising for on-demand and TV-Everywhere content at a granular level, created specifically for MSOs by Amdocs and partners. After the presentation, I spoke to Rick Howe to learn more about it:  More >>
TOM whheler

FCC chairman: Job of government is to promote competition (Live from INTX 2016)

Wrapping up INTX 2016 here in Boston, Tom Wheeler, chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, predicted an exciting future for the pay-TV industry. A self-declared “happy Comcast subscriber”, Wheeler said he was part of the growing industry trend of consumers getting their video on multiple devices.  More >>
John Stankey

No one size fits all in AT&T’s pay-TV strategy. (Live from INTX 2016)

AT&T’s approach to pay TV is that mobility is key, explained John Stankey, CEO of AT&T’s Entertainment Group, at the closing session of Day Two of INTX 2016 here in Boston. “Customers want to do more things on the go,” he said, “and we want to take the premium content experience and bring it into the mobile experience  More >>
doug fantuzzi panel

The cable operators explain why the business sector is such good business – Live from INTX 2016

While any discussion of the pay-TV industry inevitably includes gloomy talk of heavy regulation and cord cutters, there is also some good news: the explosive growth in business services. According to a panel discussion chaired by Amdocs’ Doug Fantuzzi on the first day of INTX 2016 here in Boston, the provision of services ranging from broadband, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and video to small- and medium-sized business (SMBs) and large-scale enterprises has skyrocketed over the past decade.  More >>
Comcast chairman and CEO Brian Roberts

Want to thrive? You need to be bold and nimble enough – Live from INTX 2016

It wouldn’t be a major industry event if the first keynote speaker did not devote a large portion of his address to attacking the regulator. And Michael Powell, president and CEO of the National Cable & Telecommunications Association did not disappoint here in Boston on the opening day of INTX 2016…  More >>

Shark alert! (Don’t worry – your communications service provider can save you)

As CSPs try to understand where and how, beyond connectivity, they can play a role in the Internet of Things, here are a few examples of new, innovative life-saving services that have actually been developed by CSPs themselves..  More >>

Why there’s nothing simple about the simple digital customer experience

After interviewing 80 CSP executives, Amdocs and IDC found that only 47% of the companies they represented actually had a clear digital strategy. There was also a worrying disconnect between IT and business respondents: 64% of the latter said there was a digital strategy, but only 39% of the IT respondents agreed…  More >>

The Internet of Things saved my life!

Well, it didn’t save my life specifically, but rather that of a 42-year-old man from New Jersey who recently showed up in an emergency ward following a seizure. The doctors weren’t sure whether to perform a particular procedure or not (I’ll spare you the details), because if the patient’s irregular heartbeat was chronic, the procedure could have killed him. Luckily, the patient was wearing a FitBit tracker, synchronized with his smartphone,..   More >>

Can Amazon make ordering a TV bundle as simple as 1-2-3?

When Amazon introduced us to 1-Click purchasing over 15 years ago, it literally revolutionized the way we shop. Want to order a book? Easy. Just choose the title and whether you want it in hardback or paperback, and that’s it – nothing else to configure because any previous payment information needed to complete the transaction was already there. (In fact, today thanks to Amazon’s Dash, you can now even order by pressing an actual physical button). The customer experience doesn’t get much easier than that. At the same time, it was clear that more “complex” products couldn’t be purchased in a simple click or two   More >>

May the Force be with You (and your digital transformation)

“Is that possible?” Rey asks Han Solo in Episode VII. “I never ask that question until after we’ve done it,” replies Solo. Service providers, like the protagonists in the Star Wars saga, are getting used to dealing with many unknowns, but they still continue their quest to overcome challenges on their way to capturing digital age opportunities. Now they are facing the next chapter in the story – Digital Transformation.  More >>

How safe is the next big thing?

The next big thing (and big enough even to top smartphones as our favorite device) is, according to the New York Times’ Farhad Manjoo, the Echo – a screenless, voice-controlled household computer built by Amazon. So, why’s it so good?   More >>

From MWC: Telefónica’s three key principles for successful digital transformation

It would be hard to find anybody among the 100,000 or so participants at this year’s Mobile World Congress who doesn’t believe the industry is on the edge of a profound digital transformation. As Cisco chief executive Chuck Robbins said in his keynote address on Wednesday morning: “We’re on the front end of the most phenomenal transformation ever seen. The pace of change is something we’ve never witnessed before.”  More >>

The Analyst Perspective! Our hot-seat” interview, live from MWC

From big data analytics… “There’s a certain reluctance. Operators feel an obligation to protect that data and respect the customers’ privacy and they’re struggling with what’s appropriate for them to do. They’re in a different position than, say, Amazon is as to how they use the data and they’re still working with that” And service agility… “people are taking this issue very seriously. The old mode of ‘I spent three years building it and then I start offering services’ just doesn’t work”. To service providers diversifying their business… “I think the part about diversifying into new business has been very difficult for […]  More >>