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Amdocs’ un-noticed acquisition of Streamezzo

I am not sure how many of you have come across this, but Amdocs last year acquired a small but very interesting company called Streamezzo, which is focused on building rich media clients. It has a toolkit that allows companies to build rich media clients for mobile devices. This is key for our customers who would like to build out RichMedia solutions in the Amdocs world. Check it out on  More >>

BPM – Process the overlooked dimension, creating agility

This week, I was at the annual gartner BPM Conference, and during the key note an interesting observation was made i.e. the the Process Dimension is generally overlooked. Typically organsiations are focused on their silos  functional, product or markets domains, when doing BPM as represented by the diagram below: – Why do we really care about the process domain in BPM, well this is where we start bringing together people, products and customers. Each organisation typically has 4-12 major proceses that are executed at level 0. The problem is that these processes change quite frequently the way work is done, the order work […]  More >>

SOA and Data Models

One of the key requirements in SOA is to have a standardised data model in place. In the telecommunications industry, as I am sure you are all aware this is something called the SID defined by the TMForum, of which Amdocs is an active participant. Amdocs has defined a model called the Portfolio Information Model or PIM,  that Amdocs Portfolio Information Services are based on, these entities and related attributes are all based on SID as much as is reasonable and practical as SID does have some gaps. The PIM has:- >     Wide coverage of BSS and OSS arena >     […]  More >>

Change – The SOA Manifesto and Guiding Principles

In every thing we do we are guided by our core values and principles, this is what we grew up with, this defines how we make decisions. When things change due to a circumstances around us, that may or may not be in our control, it can have profound and uncomfortable impact on ourlives. Consider the story of Who Moved my Cheese ( This story is all about change and how not adapting to change will cause us to miss opportunities.  Change will cause us to question our core-beliefs and principles and may or will cause them to change. I have been […]  More >>

Connecting the Dots: Lesson from the recent high stakes bidding war between HP, Dell over 3Par: Actionable insight

During the past few weeks, most if not all postings stemming from the 3Par intense bidding war invariably focus exclusively on HP and Dell. In addition to the inevitable speculations who will be the ultimate winner, the discussion generally addresses the implications of 3Par on both company’s Cloud Computing strategy and prospect. Now that the apparent “testosterone-driven” sumo match has ended on September 2, 2010 with HP the “winner” by paying about $2.7 billion for 3Par, perhaps it is only prudent to step back and reflect by taking a broader perspective. And that’s what Steve Lohr, a contributor of NYT, […]  More >>