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Welcome to the official blog of the Office of the CTO at Amdocs. As a group our mandate is to lead the technology strategy &  transformation at Amdocs. As in any industry the telecommunications world is going through an exciting and transformative phase, with new innovations, inventions, devices, standards and business models emerging at a phenomenal pace. To meet the rising challenges of constant change, the Office of the CTO is leading research into, and the implementation of, new computing paradigms, architectural approaches, best practices and disciplines.

As individuals we are passionate about technology and spend our days researching, inventing, innovating and solving complex real-world problems. We are faced with a unique set of challenges on a highly distributed and global scale. Topics such as Agile, Service Oriented Architecture, Cloud Computing, Software-as-a-Service, Personalization, Social Networking, 4G, emerging devices, etc. are all highly topical in our pursuit of solving the highly sophisticated and complex business problems of our customers.

It is our wish for you to join us in this forum as we engage with the wider technology community in conversation about our respective thoughts on the latest technology trends, architectural approaches, standards, cool gadgets and much more.

Theo Beack

Vice President, Research & Cloud Computing

Office of the CTO

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