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Unzipping the Digital World at Management World

“The future is a place where our children work for companies that don’t yet exist, which create products that don’t exist, that solve problems that don’t yet exist.” TM Forum Management World opened with Keith Willetts, TM Forum chairman, and his view on how the communications industry can best weather what he calls the “digital tornado.” As digital services, data, and connectivity are all expanding, operator relationships with customers are actually growing weaker. Consumers buy devices directly from retailers and install apps that not only circumvent operator services, but revolutionize the way consumers communicate and interact. So innovation is coming mostly […]  More >>

Meeting Offline at Innovation Camp

Last week I had the privilege of attending Amdocs Innovation Camp 2010. The idea was to bring a bunch of people together from across the company, get us thinking creatively and out of the box, and then brainstorm and work on new and different business ideas–and look at putting them into practice. The experience was great for a lot of reasons, and one of them was that it was a chance to work with people face-to-face that I typically would only be able to connect with by email or conference call. Jeff Pulver is always saying how important it is to actually meet the people in real […]  More >>