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Management World: The big dumb pipe

Wireless is the fastest-changing industry in the world, says Patrick Parodi, a VP at Lightsquared and head of its innovation sandbox. But it still needs to change more, he told TM Forum’s Management World Americas in a keynote. The wireless industry in the US is not keeping up with demand, and Parodi argued that the US wireless industry is falling short in delivery.    Lightsquared,  a provider of 4G/LTE mobile broadband network using satellite, believes it has the answer to this. Unlike other carriers, who are scared of turning into a “dump pipe,” Lightsquared CEO Sanjiv Ahuja has recently gone on record as wanting his […]  More >>

A community is only as good as its contributors

It was around this time last year when I wrote a blog about the launch of the new Amdocs Product Support (APS) community.If you haven’t read it or you just want to refresh your memory go ahead, I’ll wait. Done? Great! Well in the 11 months since that blog was written, the APS community have been very busy expanding and developing the community. Their newest community feature is the Top Contributor program. The Top Contributor program recognizes and rewards top contributors for their contribution to the community. Every month, the Contributor of The Month will be recognized on the home page […]  More >>

What’s Up Dox? Episode 3: The Multi-Channel Experience

I had a chance to sit down with Yossi Zohar to talk about what he calls the Multi-Channel Retail Experience.  Basically it’s something that we experience all the time.  If you’re like me you tend to research your purchases online quite extensively before going to a brick and mortar shop to ultimately make your purchase. Sometimes I’ll even go as far as to start the purchasing process online and then decide to either call the call center with a question before I make the purchase, or just leave it until I get the chance to go into the store. We all know that experience.  You essentially […]  More >>

Smartphones or Gas Meters?

So here we are at the end of day one at Mobile World Congress. Highlight for me was the presentation this morning by David Thodey, CEO Telstra, and Eli Gelman, CEO Amdocs.  David outlined some of the challenges that we as an industry have when it comes to delivering an excellent customer experience – not least the operational complexity of the back office. He even went as far as to say that in general utilities companies did a better job of customer service than service providers..…yikes!  And of course all the customer really wants is simplicity.  But simple isn’t necessarily […]  More >>