You’re invited! March 28 Tweetchat – Convergence in Communications

What does convergence in communications mean? What does it include? How has it changed they way we live, and what will the future look like? You’re invited to come discuss on Wednesday, March 28 at 2pm GMT, 10am Eastern (find your timezone). Everyone is welcome to join!

Sounds great, how do I sign up?

No need to sign up! Just join in the conversation on Twitter at the appointed time on March 28 by using the #artofconvergence hashtag so that others on the chat can see your tweets. We recommend using, it makes chatting much easier, and will add in the hashtag for you. Feel free to let us know your thoughts here in the comments section, or by writing to us at @Amdocs or @ArtConvergence. And if you know someone else who might be interested, let them know!

Convergence by Julie Hurst

Convergence by Julie Hurst

What is “The Art of Convergence”?

In the real world and online, convergence is all around us. We converge in conferences, tweetups, Google Circles and flash mobs. We converge in protests, music concerts and Facebook groups. In part, this convergence is made possible by networks and communication systems which provide us with consistent connectivity.

In the world of communications, convergence is a business and technology principle that brings together multiple systems, networks, processes and organizations in order to enable, ultimately, a better customer experience.

We recently sponsored the Art of Convergence contest for young designers around the world to interpret “convergence” in a work of art – their artwork received over 7,000 votes from viewers around the world, and at the close of the chat, we’ll announce who the 3 winners will be…

See you on Wednesday!

Don’t forget to set a reminder in your calendar, and if you want, you can add yourself to the Facebook event page. Talk to you soon!


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