What’s Up Dox? Service Brokers, that’s what!

There’s a lot of talk about Service Brokers at Amdocs nowadays. First came the eBook – Who says Prepaid means Limited Service – and that was followed by a blog series on the topic over at our Keeping it Real(time) blog. So when i got the opportunity to sit down with Gary Miles, VP of Service Delivery here at Amdocs, I jumped at the chance to get some perspective on this Service Broker business and what it means to service providers today.  And what it means is good news.

Prepaid mobile users are getting more demanding, looking for more sophisticated services from their service providers; and service providers are looking for ways to expand those services to their prepaid subscribers. The thing is that traditional Intellegent Networks on which prepaid services rely, limit the Service Provider’s ability to offer mutliple advanced services to their customers.  Enter the Service Broker. A Service Broker is a network “mediator” that enables the service provider to blend any application (IN, IMS or Web) in order to offer new services to its end customers.

But don’t take it from me.  You’re much better off hearing from Gary.  Have a listen below:

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