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Service brokering becomes a hot market

Practically all of the global service providers participating in a Service Broker Forum event said they were seriously considering service brokers as a key part of their ongoing network transformation strategy. Commenting on poll results from the event, TMCnet’s Stefanie Mosca explained: “The ability to leverage a service broker to easily and efficiently introduce service innovation was viewed as the highest priority goal when asked to consider network transformation strategic objectives.” Amdocs case studies show that in addition to the introduction of service innovation, service broker solutions also: Reduce churn Increase stickiness and customer loyalty Boost average revenue per user […]  More >>

How can a service broker solution solve prepaid problems?

Network limitations prevent many service providers from offering additional applications or services to a prepaid customer – they can offer a simple prepaid voice service, and that’s it. Prepaid customers of course want new and different prepaid services, and if their service provider can’t offer them, they’ll find one who can. Fortunately, a new approach has emerged to deal with this costly problem: service brokers. Service brokers are technology-based solutions that break-down the technical barriers that hinder or prevent service providers from offering a much richer set of communications applications, services and bundles to customers – including prepaid. A service […]  More >>

A Prepaid Problem

I’d like to try and lay out the problem that is likely faced by a  service provider looking to launch new prepaid services. Marketing wants to roll out new prepaid communications services, especially considering the recent estimate that by 2015, 77% of subscribers will be prepaid. But all too often, the network people say it’s not possible. Why is that? The problem is that existing network infrastructure gets in the way – the networks that most service providers are operating can’t combine the prepaid application with other applications. Technically speaking, prepaid is an Intelligent Network (IN) application, and the IN model only allows […]  More >>