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Service brokering becomes a hot market

Practically all of the global service providers participating in a Service Broker Forum event said they were seriously considering service brokers as a key part of their ongoing network transformation strategy. Commenting on poll results from the event, TMCnet’s Stefanie Mosca explained: “The ability to leverage a service broker to easily and efficiently introduce service innovation was viewed as the highest priority goal when asked to consider network transformation strategic objectives.” Amdocs case studies show that in addition to the introduction of service innovation, service broker solutions also: Reduce churn Increase stickiness and customer loyalty Boost average revenue per user […]  More >>

Prepaid comes out of the shade

When thinking about prepaid, some service providers still automatically focus on voice and SMS services. But with the ability to offer innovative communication applications such as personal call manager and wallet service, or social media packages, prepaid today also means data plans and better devices. Indeed, today’s prepaid market offers service providers the opportunity to improve the customer experience and encourage loyalty and differentiation in markets where subscribers can (and do) move easily between service providers. Traditionally, prepaid has dominated low-ARPU, emerging markets, where customer churn is common. Growth rates there are mostly double digit, including eye-popping numbers like 50% […]  More >>