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How can a service broker solution solve prepaid problems?

Network limitations prevent many service providers from offering additional applications or services to a prepaid customer – they can offer a simple prepaid voice service, and that’s it. Prepaid customers of course want new and different prepaid services, and if their service provider can’t offer them, they’ll find one who can. Fortunately, a new approach has emerged to deal with this costly problem: service brokers. Service brokers are technology-based solutions that break-down the technical barriers that hinder or prevent service providers from offering a much richer set of communications applications, services and bundles to customers – including prepaid. A service […]  More >>

Prepaid comes out of the shade

When thinking about prepaid, some service providers still automatically focus on voice and SMS services. But with the ability to offer innovative communication applications such as personal call manager and wallet service, or social media packages, prepaid today also means data plans and better devices. Indeed, today’s prepaid market offers service providers the opportunity to improve the customer experience and encourage loyalty and differentiation in markets where subscribers can (and do) move easily between service providers. Traditionally, prepaid has dominated low-ARPU, emerging markets, where customer churn is common. Growth rates there are mostly double digit, including eye-popping numbers like 50% […]  More >>