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Network virtualization is a culture shock. We need to get over it.

cultureMuch has been written about the technological change, financial benefits and increased agility that NFV/SDN technology will bring to telecoms networks. But behind the glossy shopfront of virtualization lurks a subject few commentators have dared to broach. For a very monolithic sector like telecoms, virtualization is a huge culture shock – one so major that it could become a serious roadblock to the technology’s success. We need to get over it – and quickly. The only constant is change When Cloud computing and data center companies started to adopt virtualization, theirs was a young sector with little technological baggage. With […]  More >>

Virtualization needs open source! (And here’s why)

There’s little debate in our industry that network virtualization (NFV/SDN) is the way forward for telecoms’ infrastructure. So why are adoption rates of NFV/SDN architectures still low? That’s because two critical elements for realizing its benefits have been missing: a standardized way of automating NFV/SDN infrastructure (as opposed to a plethora of different solutions), and a more viable way of rolling out virtualization technology. Amdocs has long recognised this challenge and has been actively contributing through organisations like the TM Forum to find solutions. ONAP provides the answer to both. Its introduction of an open-source approach into telecommunications – an […]  More >>

10, 9, 8, 7… countdown to the IoT explosion

Virtual Probes – Scaling Performance Monitoring for IoT We’ve been talking a lot about 2020 lately. Analysts predict it will be the year of the long-awaited explosion of objects in the Internet of Things (IoT). Depending on the source, we can expect anywhere from 25B to 50B connected things in the next four years generating 2.3 terabytes of data, or a whopping compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 30 percent every single year. While there’s a fair bit of hype in those numbers, there’s also a very real opportunity to drive new revenue growth in enterprise markets. From a global […]  More >>

OSS evolution: The need for agility

Virtualization and software-defined networking are driving the need for operational support systems to evolve, but these aren’t the only pressures creating the need for Agile OSS. The impact of SDN and NFV on operational support systems is considerable. These technologies are forcing a rapid evolution of OSS from non-real-time, offline systems, to real-time, or near-real-time, dynamic systems designed to support these dynamic, rapidly changing networks. Basically, if the OSS systems of today are not enhanced or augmented in some way they will not be fit for purpose in the networks of the future.  Furthermore, the inability to operationalize SDN and […]  More >>

Virtualized Policy Control: Fine-tuning data plans for enterprise customers

Fast delivery of data services has long been a challenge for service providers. When you look at enterprise services, it can take months to turn up new data plans, and there’s little differentiation over the typical services offered to consumers. Yet enterprises are highly diversified and facing unique pressures. The global workforce is flipping the on-premises model to “mobile first” with the demand for always-on access. Matching data plans to the productivity profiles of departments and employees – while at the same time containing costs and usage – is difficult to address with traditional delivery models. So while speed is […]  More >>

Policy: A Wise NFV Investment

A standardized approach to network functions virtualization (NFV) – it sounds like a great idea, doesn’t it? Thirteen network operators certainly thought so in October 2012, when they released a white paper entitled, Network Functions Virtualisation: An Introduction, Benefits, Enablers, Challenges & Call for Action. The whitepaper encourages the IT and networks industries to work together to solve their joint challenges.  More >>