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The Four Key Elements for Improving Time to Market

These four tips on improving time to market for service providers resulted from interviews and careful statistical analysis of Amdocs 2011 survey of 125 senior executives at wireless, wireline and cable providers from every region in the world.  Service providers can create a lean, effective, ready-to-go and automated operation by using the following four steps to implement a “service factory approach”: 1. Centralized product and service catalog Today everyone is struggling to stay on the same page. There are too many BSS and OSS systems, and these systems need to communicate with each other. There are also too many catalogs, […]  More >>

The Service Factory at your Service!

Companies in other global industries have undergone a process of industrialization to become more agile, efficient, productive and innovative when they became unable to compete efficiently and address growing demands. The communications, media and entertainment industry, like all other industries, needs to progress in terms of its operations and fully adopt this industrialized approach in order to speed time to market. Car manufacturers, for example, face similar challenges to service providers in terms of trying to differentiate themselves in a very competitive and price-sensitive market. One automobile success story is the MINI Cooper – each car is built precisely according […]  More >>

Time to Invest in Time to Market

Amdocs’ 2011 survey of 125 senior executives at wireless, wireline and cable providers from every region in the world, demonstrates that service providers who invest in addressing operational challenges can improve their time to market and positively impact their bottom line: those who invested reaped results! While the majority of service providers (67%) reported they had failed to improve their time to market, 33% reported an improvement (by 20% on average – an impressive number). When asked for the key factors enabling this improvement: 81% cited improved project management and control 76% said it was a result of improving organizational […]  More >>

The Times they are a Changing (Except for Time to Market)

Time to market is more important than ever from the perspective of service providers, but that hasn’t led to much visible improvement on the ground. When it comes to the average time to market for introducing new products, not much has improved between 2008 and 2011. In fact, the number of service providers able to bring a product to market within six months has actually fallen; in 2008, 67% of service providers said it took six months or less to bring a new product to market, compared with 65% in 2011. So while service providers strongly believe that quickly introducing […]  More >>

Read My Postcard About Time to Market

OK, so I can’t individually send all of my potential readers a postcard. But I do still remember the excitement and anticipation of waiting to receive a postcard from a friend traveling abroad three decades ago, when I was much, much younger. Now, 30 years later, who sends postcards? But it’s not just technology that’s changed – we have, too. We want everything now and we refuse to wait. We communicate instantly, using different means, from any location. If in the past we had only one identity, today we have multiple ones: social, professional, family, etc. And each identity has […]  More >>