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Surviving in a SON world

Mobile network operators (MNOs) are well aware that their networks are becoming increasingly congested. In fact, mobile data traffic is projected to increase at a CAGR of 42.5 percent over the next five years. And with networks now incorporating technologies from a growing number of equipment providers, complexity is only increasing, which complicates things even further. This is why MNOs are seeking vendor-agnostic optimization solutions that increase capacity as well as boost quality of experience (QoE) and ROI. So as the industry migrates towards the second-generation of self-optimizing networks (SON), now is the perfect time to look at what surviving […]  More >>

Guest Post: Ignore at your peril – RAN optimization is critical to the HetNet

The more instruments are added to an orchestra, the more difficult it is to avoid cacophony. This is a challenge musicians have faced since ancient times, and regardless of the style of music, the basic answers are the same – each instrument must be perfectly tuned, and they must all be following a common score. The same principles apply to the wireless network. If the classic macro network can be seen as having the relative uniformity of plainsong, the emerging HetNet (heterogeneous network) is more like experimental jazz, with a wide range of elements (different cell sizes, spectrum bands and […]  More >>

The Driving Force behind Network Optimization

Mobile network operators (MNOs) face an uphill battle when it comes to optimizing mobile networks. Today’s subscribers have high expectations and are quick to churn. They want the ability to use every capability their mobile provider offers, and they expect coverage wherever they go. Add to this the growing number of apps for virtually everything imaginable and the challenge of MNOs to provide flawless connections . According to Amdocs’ 2015 State of the RAN whitepaper, data consumption in cities has doubled in the past 12 months. The data traffic surge, coupled with increasingly complex technologies, has put pressure on the […]  More >>

4 Driving Forces for SON

The self-optimizing network (SON) conversation is changing. There’s a new maturity. Operators know they need it and it is a case of when and how, rather than if. But what’s driving this change? Well, it varies… For many it is pure and simple data overload. Mobile data traffic is expected to increase at a CAGR of 42.5% over the next five years. With network traffic expected to double every year, the 4G buffer will eventually be exhausted. Although 4G is still providing relief for 3G networks, it won’t be long before it becomes the new scarce network resource. To minimize […]  More >>

RAN can make – or break – the network experience

Subscribers expect the same quality of experience everywhere they go – whether at home on their private networks, or outdoors at a crowded sports event. From the customer perspective, it’s simple. But not for the service provider. As a conduit between mobile operators and subscribers, the Radio Access Network (RAN) is the biggest driver of network experience. Inside the RAN is where the mobile experience can be optimized – but it’s also where managing network resources inefficiently can lead to unhappy subscribers, and even risk driving them into the hands of competitors.  More >>

What Sparks the Move to SON?

You may have heard today’s announcement that Vodafone Hutchison Australia has just implemented Amdocs SON. But what’s interesting is their particular reason for doing so. Most operators recognize that self-optimizing network (SON) capabilities are required in the long-term battle to control OPEX, delay CAPEX and improve customer experience in complex heterogeneous networks. That’s why most are either current evaluating or have already deployed SON. But beyond seeking to achieve these important benefits, there is often a specific situation that sparks the change.   More >>

C-SON: A Game Changer for Mobile Network Operators

To stay ahead of network demands and provide an exceptional subscriber experience, MNOs need to move beyond outdated network management methods and shift to an automated technology to manage their HetNets. They need to look to C-SON.  More >>

SON: A Living Playbook for Network Management

Like any good football manager, a mobile network operator (MNO) might have its own network management “playbook” with detailed policies and instructions for handling network issues that came their way. But with the incredible complexity of multi-technology and multi-vendor networks today, this is no longer enough. It’s simply not possible to document every possible issue and reaction. Decisions on how to react to network issues have become more multi-layered and interconnected than ever, and need to be made much faster. Even if a network team had the time to write down everything they might need to do in a given […]  More >>

When should my network go live with SON?

Service providers are working hard to determine when to switch their network over to an automated self-optimizing network. For Tanya White, the decision comes down to three considerations: Business readiness, technical readiness and cultural readiness.  More >>

Making SON Customer-Centric

SON technology is an indispensable tool for operators to plan, manage, and optimize their mobile networks. It determines when and where data is being used the most, so that operators can allocate resources accordingly in a smart, strategic manner. But SON is not just about smarter use of data. It is also about the ability to immediately boost network capacity by 10 to 15 percent, which means more responsive apps, simply due to more efficient use of the network. And on 3G networks that have been optimized through the deployment of SON, subscribers are experiencing as much as 20% fewer dropped calls.   More >>