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The BIG numbers are in for vCPE

  Guest Post from Glen Ragoonanan of Analysis Mason As promised, the big numbers are in: Analysys Mason and Amdocs will be publicizing the results over the coming months. To find out more register for our upcoming NFV ROI webinar with Analysys Mason looking at the business case for  vCPE-based services and the potential of 4% EBITDA improvement on 17th November at 15:00 GMT / 10:00 ET or visit www.nfvreadyoss.com.     More >>

Who goes first – wins!

No apologies for distorting the old “Who dares wins“ adage. And in the case of NFV and SDN the “dares” verb simply pales relative to the BIG returns and savings accrued. Amdocs, just this week, received the results from an Analysys Mason report in which the data could not be clearer: Being the first mover in vCPE in your market will pay significant dividends. In developed markets this can be conservatively around US$1.1Bn in net business benefits for those CPEs who introduce Enterprise vCPE first. The savings are almost as phenomenal in the residential vCPE market. So how do the […]  More >>

Fortune Favours the First to the tune of a ~4 percentage point EBITDA margin increase

Service Providers around the world are, to varying degrees, assessing or implementing NFV and SDN solutions. And it is not just the Service Providers looking into this important technology, Amdocs too have been active producing the tools to enable NFV to be a success. But until now we have not quite realised how big a success this could be at the individual Service Provider level for a specific function. So we asked Analysys Mason to look at the business model for Enterprise and Residential virtual customer premises equipment (vCPE)-related services. The research focused on the first mover advantage gained by […]  More >>