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NxM: matching network performance to customer needs, at last

matchingMobile operators compete in a wide variety of ways, but increasingly, quality of experience is the most critical. A fast, unbroken, interactive mobile experience is the number one factor which will keep customers loyal and boost their usage, while attracting new users. Yet 80% of mobile operators (MNOs) round the world say they do not have a clear view of what subscribers are experiencing on their networks – even though 76% agree customer experience is critical to their success. There is a gulf, then, between MNOs’ recognition of the importance of user experience, and their ability to understand and control […]  More >>

Why Some Consumers Keep the Cord

Have you ever wondered why so many consumers continue to rely on their cable provider? There over 100 million cable subscribers in the USA, but only about 2% each year cutting the cord. Services like Netflix and Hulu are certainly lower-cost alternatives, but a survey last year showed that only one-third of Netflix subscribers have cut the cord. Clearly, there is something preventing a mass exodus from cable. Which brings us to quality of experience. Last year Hot Telecom surveyed over 4,700 consumers, and among their findings was this: over half of those surveyed cited data coverage and data download […]  More >>

Are You Delivering the Type of Experience that Drives Loyalty?

MNOs realize that the key to increasing their bottom line starts with quality of experience (QoE). Customers are increasingly dependent on their mobile devices. Smartphones are an extension of the user, enabling financial transactions, food delivery, music and video streaming, and much more. In today’s mobile world, a poor customer experience can send your customer running to another provider. In a recent poll, 46 percent of global consumers said that they would be willing to pay more for better data coverage and 42 percent said they would pay more for faster data downloads. Knowing your customer and how they use […]  More >>

Cash in on network quality of experience

Did you know that network quality of experience is a revenue generator? In a recent poll, 46 percent of global consumers said they were willing to pay more for better data coverage and 42 percent for better data download speeds.  Additionally, when asked how important some capabilities were in increasing consumer loyalty towards their provider, 55 percent cited data coverage and data download speeds. And North American and European subscribers were no exception to these trends. As you can see in the accompanying charts, consumers are willing to pay more for better data coverage, faster download speeds and speed boosters. […]  More >>