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High-definition voice needs a robust network

When the first offshore lighthouses were built, many were constructed from timber rather than stone for speed and ease of construction. But this approach didn’t take into account the severe weather conditions and powerful seas, which invariably led to their early demise as they got washed away by the storms. It was interlocking stone blocks that enabled lighthouses to be built to last a lifetime by creating a solid structure which could survive the worst tempest. Similarly with VoLTE or Voice over LTE, a technology which ensures high quality of service for mobile voice calls over IP, VoLTE needs a robust and well prepared network infrastructure in order to provide reliable, HD voice services.  More >>

Why Some Consumers Keep the Cord

Have you ever wondered why so many consumers continue to rely on their cable provider? There over 100 million cable subscribers in the USA, but only about 2% each year cutting the cord. Services like Netflix and Hulu are certainly lower-cost alternatives, but a survey last year showed that only one-third of Netflix subscribers have cut the cord. Clearly, there is something preventing a mass exodus from cable. Which brings us to quality of experience. Last year Hot Telecom surveyed over 4,700 consumers, and among their findings was this: over half of those surveyed cited data coverage and data download […]  More >>

A wish for a new kind of Wi-Fi

Dear service provider, I need a new kind of service from you – a premium quality Wi-Fi service. Everybody loves Wi-Fi. We already have it at home; we use it to connect to Internet over our DSL or cable. We let our friends share our home Wi-Fi, too. We access it on the go, using it at many public Wi-Fi hotspots. It works everywhere, and most of the time this public Wi-Fi is free. Or is it? We all glance far too quickly over terms and conditions and click “yes” on Wi-Fi signup pages, just to get “free” Wi-Fi access. […]  More >>