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Dedicated VNF Management – Why it’s Performance-critical for PCRF

Recently at the NFV World Congress in San Jose, there was a noticeable shift in conversations about implementing management and orchestration (MANO) as service providers tackle the gritty issues involved in operationalizing NFV. In particular, VNF management (VNFM) was a hot topic for many, with discussions centered around how to manage the wide range of VNFs once projects move from the lab and into production. There are two basic philosophies for VNFM under the MANO architecture. One model utilizes generic VNF managers that are completely agnostic to the VNFs they oversee, which offers complete flexibility to manage any VNF. The […]  More >>

Virtualized Policy Control: Fine-tuning data plans for enterprise customers

Fast delivery of data services has long been a challenge for service providers. When you look at enterprise services, it can take months to turn up new data plans, and there’s little differentiation over the typical services offered to consumers. Yet enterprises are highly diversified and facing unique pressures. The global workforce is flipping the on-premises model to “mobile first” with the demand for always-on access. Matching data plans to the productivity profiles of departments and employees – while at the same time containing costs and usage – is difficult to address with traditional delivery models. So while speed is […]  More >>

Policy control in the fast lane

To get the most out of LTE, you need a strategic policy controller that allows you to maximize revenue and offer new services.   More >>

3 Myths About VoLTE

VoLTE is making its way into the news with increased frequency. This year, AT&T has launched a VoLTE service, and many other service providers are in the process of launching, planning trials and proff of concepts. Ann Hatchell debunks three common myths about VoLTE, as she gets ready for her VoLTE webinar later this week.   More >>