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Is my PCRF doing what I need?

Last month our team spent a few days in Berlin at the Policy Control convention, networking with customers and conference attendees while explaining some of the finer points of Amdocs offering. It was clear at the event that people viewed policy control as a proven, integral component in any service providers network that enables new HD services, monetizes data plans, and provides truly differentiated data experiences for customers. But what they had trouble understanding was how they could ensure the policies they put in place are having the desired positive effects they intended. Over the course of the conference, several […]  More >>

Turning quality into currency

As LTE services such as HD streaming video and voice over LTE (VoLTE) go mainstream, demand for the crystal-clear HD experience is changing the definition of service quality. Providing guaranteed quality of service (QoS) to manage jitter, speed and delay is only part of it. Maintaining a consistently high level of performance even under heavy loads and delivering five or even six nines availability are increasingly critical to monetizing service quality in the new LTE landscape.  More >>

Policy Leads the NFV Transformation

The journey to NFV and SDN is a transformational one, one that will happen over time, with co-existence of existing and new generation network approaches. It looks like planning and execution are well underway, as service providers have already plotted where they plan to start this transformational journey. Amdocs recently sponsored a private Heavy Reading survey of operators that revealed service providers have already identified key target technologies that they plan to virtualize first, ahead of others. This research surveyed 75 operators globally, talking to representatives from network operations, planning, technical and corporate strategy. Here are some of the findings: […]  More >>

Policy: A Wise NFV Investment

A standardized approach to network functions virtualization (NFV) – it sounds like a great idea, doesn’t it? Thirteen network operators certainly thought so in October 2012, when they released a white paper entitled, Network Functions Virtualisation: An Introduction, Benefits, Enablers, Challenges & Call for Action. The whitepaper encourages the IT and networks industries to work together to solve their joint challenges.  More >>

A wish for a new kind of Wi-Fi

Dear service provider, I need a new kind of service from you – a premium quality Wi-Fi service. Everybody loves Wi-Fi. We already have it at home; we use it to connect to Internet over our DSL or cable. We let our friends share our home Wi-Fi, too. We access it on the go, using it at many public Wi-Fi hotspots. It works everywhere, and most of the time this public Wi-Fi is free. Or is it? We all glance far too quickly over terms and conditions and click “yes” on Wi-Fi signup pages, just to get “free” Wi-Fi access. […]  More >>