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Confused by 5G news headlines? Why you are not alone

Do you like abstract paintings? Such paintings are inherently open to interpretation. Different people perceive different things, and most uninitiated observers may just see a ‘messy’ picture. But there is logic and design behind – at least some – abstract paintings. This is the case with 5G too. Following vague news and misleading announcements, 5G currently resembles an abstract painting. But the ambiguous or ‘messy’ 5G picture can become clearer if we look into 5 key areas of confusion. The trials blur The tsunami of news about 5G trials has mainly focused on the 5G new radio (NR). With standardization […]  More >>

What 5G is about: an alternative view

wordHow much do you know about 5G? Have you been following the relentless flow of 5G news? If you were to choose 5 words to describe 5G, which ones would you pick? It would be interesting to see what you think 5G is about. But what if we were to ask those who have absolutely no knowledge of 5G and would play such a word game without any preconception, just for fun? As discussed with 2 friends who needed to entertain a group of primary school children at a party, the following game could potentially be exciting: Use a one-page […]  More >>

5G may be closer than you think…

5G is on it's way, but is it almost here?At the end of last month, the inaugural 5G World event took place in London. Over two days packed with presentations, discussions and demos, this conference and exhibition event focused on the next exciting chapter of mobile communication: 5G. The event was also an opportunity for me to participate as a speaker, and share Amdocs’ vision and capabilities in a panel discussion on Test & Measurement for 5G networks. All panel participants agreed on the high-level methodologies required to address the challenges of 5G, which include concepts such as antenna array beam-forming. There was also unanimous agreement on the assertion […]  More >>

The weakest link in customer experience, and the network of the future

network problems  On a cloudy Sunday evening last month, a group of us were watching a film at a friend’s house. Our host had purchased the film from a popular online content provider and was streaming it using his Wi-Fi router, laptop and TV. We were all glued to the screen when disaster struck: after approximately an hour, at a key point in the film, the image pixelated. And less than a minute later, it froze… Reactions in the room were mixed: “there were network issues in the area last week”, “it must be this old laptop”, “a neighbor is using […]  More >>