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Elementary, my dear Watson

analyticsEarly VoLTE rollouts presented a number of challenges for service providers, including VoLTE call drops due to timeout. This particular issue appeared to be IMS related, but the Core/IMS team could not identify its root cause. IMS had just been deployed, so the inability to pinpoint exactly where the issue lay was attributed to lack of knowledge. The mystery was solved after considering data from the radio access network (RAN). It then became evident that the VoLTE call timeout was a RAN issue, caused by noncontiguous radio coverage when users moved between cells. To resolve the matter, the RAN and […]  More >>

Start with the end in mind

End in mindThe need to better manage how end users experience network performance It is rush hour on a rainy Wednesday morning. The metro station is heaving with commuters. The departure board shows the next train leaving at 08.09, but it is already 08.16. No, time travel has not been invented yet. The train is late, and the board has not been updated with the expected time of train departure. The reason for the delay is unknown. It could be a signaling failure, a train fault, leaves on the line, or even track congestion.Whichever the reason, the commuters’ experience of the metro […]  More >>

Squeeze 25% more from your RAN

If the size of mobile phones grew as quickly as our data consumption, we’d all be holding skyscrapers to our ears. Data demand is increasing exponentially – yet that in itself is not a problem. For mobile operators, the problem is how to address the demand for capacity while remaining profitable. That is the core challenge. And addressing it means overcoming three major obstacles.  More >>