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To me, walking the halls and looking into the booths at Mobile World Congress offers the opposite experience of walking through a museum. While both give a glimpse of another time, museums show me the world that used to be, and Mobile World shows the world of the future. New devices, connected cities and innovative uses provide a glimpse of the world we are moving towards. And then, there are demos on display which show me the here and now. This week at Mobile World Congress, Amdocs and Vodafone are demoing three enterprise virtual customer premises equipment (vCPE) use cases, […]  More >>

Squeeze 25% more from your RAN

If the size of mobile phones grew as quickly as our data consumption, we’d all be holding skyscrapers to our ears. Data demand is increasing exponentially – yet that in itself is not a problem. For mobile operators, the problem is how to address the demand for capacity while remaining profitable. That is the core challenge. And addressing it means overcoming three major obstacles.  More >>

Simplifying enterprise order complexity

As the former head of marketing for a fixed-line services provider, I know first-hand how difficult order delivery for enterprise customers can be. It didn’t matter how well I understood the customer and what they needed if I couldn’t deliver innovative ideas and offers on time and in flawless working order. Enterprise customers pose an exciting and lucrative prospect for service providers – and their competitors. But they’re not simple to serve.   More >>