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Guest Post: Ignore at your peril – RAN optimization is critical to the HetNet

The more instruments are added to an orchestra, the more difficult it is to avoid cacophony. This is a challenge musicians have faced since ancient times, and regardless of the style of music, the basic answers are the same – each instrument must be perfectly tuned, and they must all be following a common score. The same principles apply to the wireless network. If the classic macro network can be seen as having the relative uniformity of plainsong, the emerging HetNet (heterogeneous network) is more like experimental jazz, with a wide range of elements (different cell sizes, spectrum bands and […]  More >>

‘Multivendor’ is the new watchword as operators plan their HetNets

Caroline Gabriel, Research Director Maravedis-Rethink, discusses the importance of vendor neutrality in HetNets.  More >>

Why independence is vital in HetNet management

Managing HetNets with their different access technologies, different network vendors, and different cell sizes is complicated. The right C-SON system will have everything in place to be that simplifying, optimizing force. And for this to be effective, it requires vendor independence as well as a resolute focus on improving network management and the customer experience.  More >>