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The weakest link in customer experience, and the network of the future

network problems  On a cloudy Sunday evening last month, a group of us were watching a film at a friend’s house. Our host had purchased the film from a popular online content provider and was streaming it using his Wi-Fi router, laptop and TV. We were all glued to the screen when disaster struck: after approximately an hour, at a key point in the film, the image pixelated. And less than a minute later, it froze… Reactions in the room were mixed: “there were network issues in the area last week”, “it must be this old laptop”, “a neighbor is using […]  More >>

The Evolution of RAN Optimization

Subscribers expect and demand more from their mobile network than ever before. They place high value on excellent data coverage, high data quality, and super-fast download speeds.  Given this, it’s no surprise that network data quality has become an important differentiator for mobile operators. Although operators want and need to continually improve their data quality, costs must be contained. And as increasing mobile traffic continues to drive network costs up, operators are seeking new ways to create a world-class customer experience while controlling OPEX and delaying CAPEX. Since the launch of 2G, optimization has remained a key activity for operators […]  More >>

Optimizing the Mobile Network for Special Events

Special events pose daunting challenges for service providers.  When tens of thousands of people congregate in a small setting, a significant load is obviously put on mobile networks. In fact, we’ve seen traffic surges of up to 10 gigabytes per hour stadiums. In certain instances, the influx of a large number of subscribers into a city to attend live events, combined with a general rise in chatter from city inhabitants about the event, can increase network demand across the entire city by 20 percent. Service providers must be prepared to deal with the influx of mobile activity at these events […]  More >>

Making SON Customer-Centric

SON technology is an indispensable tool for operators to plan, manage, and optimize their mobile networks. It determines when and where data is being used the most, so that operators can allocate resources accordingly in a smart, strategic manner. But SON is not just about smarter use of data. It is also about the ability to immediately boost network capacity by 10 to 15 percent, which means more responsive apps, simply due to more efficient use of the network. And on 3G networks that have been optimized through the deployment of SON, subscribers are experiencing as much as 20% fewer dropped calls.   More >>

Radio access networks, the true home of customer experience management

With the widespread introduction of self-optimizing network (SON) features within the radio access network (RAN), customer experience measurements are rapidly shifting toward the more relevant metric of active customer experience improvement. Operators who have implemented SON, and especially centralized SON (C-SON), have seen impressive gains in their network performance resulting in enriched customer experiences. They have seen greater than 15 percent improvement in capacity utilization and over 20 percent improvement in dropped call rate, typically within a few hours or days after SON installation.  More >>