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The evolving supply chain and its implications for the CTO

Guest post from Tony Poulos, independent analyst, Disruptive Views The supply chain into CSPs is constantly evolving and CTOs have to adapt accordingly. For decades the telecommunications industry was anything but dynamic. It had a long history of very stable and predictable growth that was largely dependent on the plans of the incumbent network operator to expand its embedded infrastructure. Early network deployments were based on strict standards regulated locally or by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). R&D and new technology was ostensibly developed inside in-house labs and remained so for many years. Today’s network equipment providers (NEPs) emerged for […]  More >>

5G: solving all the CTO’s problems?

VoLTE with Caroline GabrielGuest post from Caroline Gabriel, independent analyst, Rethink Technology Research.  Just weeks after the 3GPP kicked off its initial work on 5G standards, we are already hearing talk about ‘pre-5G’ or ‘proto-5G’ deployments; a second wave of standards (before the first has been defined); and forecasts for subscriber numbers (150 million in the first year, apparently). All this is terribly familiar – just as in 4G, there is a barrage of hype and false expectations, which will be followed by a cold reckoning, when mobile operators realize that they have no clear idea how to turn all those shiny new […]  More >>

The pivotal role of the CTO as a business enabler

Guest post: Marc Dowd, independent analyst Soon after I joined Forrester Research in 2006 I noticed something odd. My job then was the personal advisor to leaders of technology organisations. I helped them make use of the research that Forrester published. What I noticed early on was that there was a strong theme about the role of the CIO, but the CTO was hardly ever mentioned. Even then, nearly a decade ago, there was a sense that the CIO role was not fulfilling its potential, that it was a transitory position; a move from head of Information Systems (IS) on a path to […]  More >>