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The Battle for Value-Added Services

As providers of connectivity, service providers should be well positioned to sell high-value digital services to enterprises and small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). But a lack of service agility caused by complex processes and lengthy service introduction cycles makes it difficult for them to do battle with over-the-top (OTT) players in the arena of services offerings and customer experience. Enterprises and SMBs are looking for choice and want access to the cloud solutions marketplace. But this access needs to be secure, reliable and easy. The simplest way for an IT manager to handle this is via a single, trusted vendor […]  More >>

RAN can make – or break – the network experience

Subscribers expect the same quality of experience everywhere they go – whether at home on their private networks, or outdoors at a crowded sports event. From the customer perspective, it’s simple. But not for the service provider. As a conduit between mobile operators and subscribers, the Radio Access Network (RAN) is the biggest driver of network experience. Inside the RAN is where the mobile experience can be optimized – but it’s also where managing network resources inefficiently can lead to unhappy subscribers, and even risk driving them into the hands of competitors.  More >>

What Sparks the Move to SON?

You may have heard today’s announcement that Vodafone Hutchison Australia has just implemented Amdocs SON. But what’s interesting is their particular reason for doing so. Most operators recognize that self-optimizing network (SON) capabilities are required in the long-term battle to control OPEX, delay CAPEX and improve customer experience in complex heterogeneous networks. That’s why most are either current evaluating or have already deployed SON. But beyond seeking to achieve these important benefits, there is often a specific situation that sparks the change.   More >>

2014: The year of SON

With Mobile World Congress only a few weeks away, a new acronym is likely to be on the lips of infrastructure vendors and third-party software companies in Barcelona: SON. SON, or self-optimizing networks, has become an important consideration for mobile operators because almost all the headaches that operators face, both from an investment and customer satisfaction perspective, relate to network performance. From macro-level issues costing hundreds of millions of dollars, such as when to upgrade a network, to less costly but equally important issues of day-to-day efficiency, the network is at the forefront of the operator’s mind. For example, what impact will a new business park in a certain area have on subscriber performance? Where are networks most congested? When? And how can that be resolved?   More >>

Behind the Celcite Acquisition

Having recently announced the acquisition of Actix, Amdocs has now announced another agreement concerning its intention to acquire Celcite, a leading independent provider of network management and self-optimizing network (SON) solutions. It’s the next natural step for Amdocs in delivering an integrated, holistic experience from the device to the network. Once closed, this acquisition will enable Amdocs to offer independent, vendor-agnostic solutions for the management and RAN optimization of all networks including 2G, 3G, LTE and small cells, helping service providers to maximize return on network assets.   More >>

Welcoming the NFV Revolution

Network functions virtualization, or NFV, will be a key topic at Broadband World Forum in Amsterdam this week, and it’s a great time to start thinking about things. According to Heavy Reading, “(network functions virtualization) will revolutionize the way networks are built and drive down network operators’ costs.” The key words here are “built” and “drive down.” Driving down costs is a straightforward discussion. Put simply, generic network appliances are cheaper than specialized iron. Deploying control plane functionality on network appliances results in savings on electricity (for powering and cooling the equipment) and rack space. Facilities budgets, capital plans and operation inventories will become less complex with time (and it has been a long time since anyone has been able to say that).  More >>

Behind the Actix acquisition announcement

It was announced yesterday that Amdocs intends to acquire Actix, the leading independent provider of mobile optimization solutions. This will enable Amdocs to uniquely link network and IT knowledge to help service providers deliver a better, more differentiated customer experience. Combining network knowledge from Actix ‒ such as where you are and what is happening now ‒ with customer insight from Amdocs systems ‒ for example what you spend and what your behavior is ‒ enables some exciting opportunities: Differentiated customer experiences How quickly does a minor issue become a problem? Consider a high-churn-risk customer who has just had a […]  More >>

The past (and future) of convergence

Convergence is not a new idea. In the mid-90s the cable industry was buzzing about how multiple services could be delivered over a single coaxial cable running into your house. Imagine – one cable for video, voice and data (in 2013, it’s hard to express how lofty this idea once seemed). By early 2003, the cable industry had become leaders in providing internet services and had indeed accomplished convergence for residential voice, video and data in most of their footprint. But making convergence work in that era wasn’t trivial. Although the services were delivered through the same pipe, the radio […]  More >>

Service Provider Wi-Fi – Preventative Medicine or Vitamin Boost?

What do you think is the main objective behind service providers’ Wi-Fi strategy? Service differentiation – offload – monetization? We recently surveyed more than 30 global operators, and asked operators to rank the top three objectives for leveraging Wi-Fi in their future growth strategies. 40% identified service differentiation as their number one objective; with 30% identifying data offload as their top objective. If we had conducted the same survey a year ago, it’s highly likely that data offload would have resoundingly been cited as the main objective. It’s clear that offload still remains very important to operators as it delivers medicinal value in relieving congested mobile broadband networks. However, […]  More >>

Final Day – Management World, Dublin 2012

In yesterday’s blog I mentioned how the weather in Dublin was similar to that in Nice so I was surprised to hear today that Management World would be back in Nice next year after being in Dublin for the past couple of years. Last night I attended the Amdocs Analyst dinner at the Town Bar and Grill in Dublin, a snug little cellar bar with a great atmosphere. The analysts were in fine form and great spirits after a busy day of back to back meetings. The meal was excellent and everyone felt Management World had gone well despite lower […]  More >>