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2014: The year of SON

With Mobile World Congress only a few weeks away, a new acronym is likely to be on the lips of infrastructure vendors and third-party software companies in Barcelona: SON. SON, or self-optimizing networks, has become an important consideration for mobile operators because almost all the headaches that operators face, both from an investment and customer satisfaction perspective, relate to network performance. From macro-level issues costing hundreds of millions of dollars, such as when to upgrade a network, to less costly but equally important issues of day-to-day efficiency, the network is at the forefront of the operator’s mind. For example, what impact will a new business park in a certain area have on subscriber performance? Where are networks most congested? When? And how can that be resolved?   More >>

Behind the Celcite Acquisition

Having recently announced the acquisition of Actix, Amdocs has now announced another agreement concerning its intention to acquire Celcite, a leading independent provider of network management and self-optimizing network (SON) solutions. It’s the next natural step for Amdocs in delivering an integrated, holistic experience from the device to the network. Once closed, this acquisition will enable Amdocs to offer independent, vendor-agnostic solutions for the management and RAN optimization of all networks including 2G, 3G, LTE and small cells, helping service providers to maximize return on network assets.   More >>

Behind the Actix acquisition announcement

It was announced yesterday that Amdocs intends to acquire Actix, the leading independent provider of mobile optimization solutions. This will enable Amdocs to uniquely link network and IT knowledge to help service providers deliver a better, more differentiated customer experience. Combining network knowledge from Actix ‒ such as where you are and what is happening now ‒ with customer insight from Amdocs systems ‒ for example what you spend and what your behavior is ‒ enables some exciting opportunities: Differentiated customer experiences How quickly does a minor issue become a problem? Consider a high-churn-risk customer who has just had a […]  More >>