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Amdocs Special Event Management solution shortlisted for prestigious LTE award

Amdocs’ multi-vendor Special Event Management has been shortlisted for the prestigious Telecoms.com LTE Awards 2015, which celebrate innovation and recognize achievement in the LTE community. Amdocs is a finalist in the Best Test /Measurement LTE Product category. The Amdocs Special Event Management solution enables mobile operators to deliver superior customer experiences at live stadium and sporting events by extracting the highest levels of capacity from their existing network infrastructure. Amdocs’ solution measures LTE, 3G and 2G subscriber experiences, as well as network congestion in real time, and takes immediate action to maintain capacity and customer quality of experience. The award […]  More >>

RAN can make – or break – the network experience

Subscribers expect the same quality of experience everywhere they go – whether at home on their private networks, or outdoors at a crowded sports event. From the customer perspective, it’s simple. But not for the service provider. As a conduit between mobile operators and subscribers, the Radio Access Network (RAN) is the biggest driver of network experience. Inside the RAN is where the mobile experience can be optimized – but it’s also where managing network resources inefficiently can lead to unhappy subscribers, and even risk driving them into the hands of competitors.  More >>

Big surprise: LTE networks are overstretched. Now what?

The expression, “if you build it, they will come,” adapted from the movie Field of Dreams, isn’t always the best business model. Yet that’s exactly what happened with LTE networks. Operators built them, and subscribers came. The simple lure of faster data on a mobile device was enough to draw in millions of subscribers worldwide. Then the inevitable happened. People started using the networks. A lot. And now a number of operators are telling us that their LTE networks are stretched to breaking point.   More >>

No Silver Bullet for Data Capacity Crunch

Research reveals that small cells and a variety of technologies will be needed to address the data capacity crunch. While the world runs out of spectrum, a combination of different techniques could be used to provide up to 50x more capacity. The world is running out of spectrum – mobile planners at O2 say they will run out by 2014 if they continued to use traditional methods. LTE, the new 4G radio technology, has been marketed as the solution – very fast, efficient and adaptable. 65 network planners see the world differently A detailed survey of network planners from 65 […]  More >>