VR Apps – Setting a New Bar for Quality of Experience

It’s been a few months now since this year’s Olympic events ended with the ever-popular closing ceremonies, and it’s not surprising the next country in line has already started planning for not just new events that might make the roster (remember Rugby Sevens anyone?), but also how to broadcast these events to their viewers. For the first time in history at the 2016 Olympics, virtual reality (VR) technology allowed spectators at the games and at home to get a better than ringside view of the action. The UK’s BBC and NBC in the US delivered hundreds of hours of live events and replays in VR through apps using Samsung Gear VR headsets, while Canada’s CBC offered both headset and website content in VR.  More >>

Do you know which virtual network approach is right for you?

My car lease is coming to an end, which means I’ve spent the past few weekends looking at new lease options. This time, though, there is a new wrinkle in car quest. For the first time, I need to give more consideration to my car’s built in display and mobile compatibility. And as an Apple guy, it’s frustrating that I can either choose the car I want or the CarPlay display I prefer, but I am locked out of having both. Which brings us to the importance of avoiding vendor lock-in when it comes to networks. There have been a […]  More >>
Target for analytics

Network analytics targets fiber rollout hotspots

Network planners often focus mainly on network capacity, coverage areas, identifying bottlenecks and quality of service (QoS) issues. However, such an approach can lack a detailed understanding of the particular customer experience in any given area. Network analytics can help identify and prioritize fiber hotspots ensuring network investments are used to target the most important places first, for fiber rollout and upgrade. Determining whether a particular location will be profitable or not isn’t always easy without specialized tools. Service providers need to understand what will provide a good return on investment and how it will improve the customer experience. While […]  More >>
Fleet management requires

10, 9, 8, 7… countdown to the IoT explosion

Virtual Probes – Scaling Performance Monitoring for IoT We’ve been talking a lot about 2020 lately. Analysts predict it will be the year of the long-awaited explosion of objects in the Internet of Things (IoT). Depending on the source, we can expect anywhere from 25B to 50B connected things in the next four years generating 2.3 terabytes of data, or a whopping compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 30 percent every single year. While there’s a fair bit of hype in those numbers, there’s also a very real opportunity to drive new revenue growth in enterprise markets. From a global […]  More >>
fiber expert

Fiber rollout services: Invite the experts

The demand for fiber is growing and it’s not just for broadband access and fixed line networks. Fiber provides the backbone to our ever expanding global communications network including mobile, fixed line, access and core. With more fiber being deployed faster than ever before, service providers are faced with numerous challenges to modernize and expand their networks quickly, while dealing with the ever increasing complexity, rising costs, and fiercely competitive timescales. The sheer size of these massive fiber projects puts unrelenting pressure on planning, design and field deployment teams to meet demand. But how can service providers compete and stay ahead […]  More >>
Probes in 2020

Making the (Business) Case for vProbes Integration

2020 is shaping up to be a really big year. By then, network services will all be sitting pretty in the cloud. Never mind that network functions virtualization (NFV) rollouts have been so far confined to specific services such as virtual CPEs, while market growth forecasts for NFV and software defined networking (SDN) technologies keep getting pushed out to, you guessed it, 2020. (The sheer incline of that trend graph is spectacular.) A recent report from the Linux OPNFV Project belies the rosy predictions with its finding that only six percent of 90 service providers surveyed had any NFV strategy […]  More >>

Process orchestration drives more efficient fiber rollout

As we go about our daily lives and see people all around us using their mobile devices, it is easy to forget the importance of fiber. Fiber networks are essential for transporting the vast amounts of data that we generate every day during the course of our business and social activities. In fact fiber technology underpins the foundation of our ever expanding mobile and fixed line networks and without doubt, fiber is very much here to stay for the foreseeable future. While major service providers, cable and telecoms companies are set for a dramatic play-off in the battle for broadband […]  More >>
Open Source challenges

Open Sourcing Thrones

Imagine if Game of Thrones was open source. Who would keep an eye on it, to make sure no one made catastrophic edits. Which brings us to Amdocs role in ECOMP, the open source platform with millions of lines of code.   More >>
Consumers are usually more interested in the quality of experience rather than technology behind call

Bridging the network testing gap

Quick! I need to find directions! I need to call my boss! I need to google that great new restaurant downtown! Regardless of how consumers use their devices, one thing is certain – data services need to work! Ultimately, we as consumers don’t really care if we are making a 3G call or a voice over LTE (VoLTE) call, if we are using IP multimedia subsystem (IMS) services or over the top (OTT) services – we just want our services to work when we want to use them! Service providers are tasked with providing advanced and personalized services to their […]  More >>
5G is on it's way, but is it almost here?

5G may be closer than you think…

At the end of last month, the inaugural 5G World event took place in London. Over two days packed with presentations, discussions and demos, this conference and exhibition event focused on the next exciting chapter of mobile communication: 5G. The event was also an opportunity for me to participate as a speaker, and share Amdocs’ vision and capabilities in a panel discussion on Test & Measurement for 5G networks. All panel participants agreed on the high-level methodologies required to address the challenges of 5G, which include concepts such as antenna array beam-forming. There was also unanimous agreement on the assertion […]  More >>