Network Testing Challenges: NFV and SDN

Compressing testing cycles and improving service quality – no longer mutually exclusive Network functions virtualization (NFV) and software-defined networking (SDN) are enabling technologies to increase the flexibility and speed to deploy new services at a fraction of the cost of physical networks. Looking ahead to 5G and the proliferation of Internet of Things (IoT) use cases, virtualization and dynamic service chaining will become essential for managing the scale and customization that will be required to connect 25B objects the industry is anticipating. In a recent report from Coleman-Parkes Research for Amdocs, about half of the 80 service providers surveyed view […]  More >>
VoLTE path

VoLTE: No easy path – but worth it

It might not be as hard work as trekking across the Andes, but while there is no easy path to rolling out Voice over LTE (VoLTE), the rewards can be amazing. Careful preparation is essential and by planning well and optimizing the network for a VoLTE launch, service providers can provide the ultimate user experience in voice services. But failure to plan a VoLTE launch properly and prepare the network to be ‘VoLTE ready’, will result in poor service quality and a bad customer experience. Customers will have high expectations for the new digital voice service after many years of […]  More >>
tools for the job

Network Testing: Having the right tools at the right time

Regardless of the subject, change is good – but there’s a downside. Every change brings an equal and opposite toolset that is needed to manage that change. OK, Newton might be rolling in his grave, but the point is that new technologies usually bring added costs to testing-deploy cycles, in both engineering resources and new tools, whether it be in-house, commercial or open toolsets. Given the rapid pace of disruption, it’s not surprising that tools – or the lack thereof – are a hot topic for network testing teams. In a recent survey, conducted by Coleman-Parkes on behalf of Amdocs, […]  More >>

Overcoming the VoLTE challenges

Making the transition from circuit switched voice to Voice over LTE (VoLTE) for mobile voice services is yet another key step forward in the long evolution of the telephone. For well over 120 years, voice services have been the mainstay for service providers and the technology has evolved from analogue to digital, and from fixed line to mobile. For each step the advantages and rewards have been many. VoLTE presents the next step change in mobile voice services by offering customers HD voice and faster call setup times, with the additional benefit of bandwidth saving for the service provider. But […]  More >>

Network Testing: Busting the 9-week barrier

Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) and software-defined networking (SDN) promise to save service providers millions in hardware costs and shave weeks off the time to deliver and scale network services. Unfortunately those are forward-looking advantages that have little impact on today’s project schedules or the time and effort it takes new services to go from testing to production-ready. According to a recent survey conducted by Coleman-Parkes Research on behalf of Amdocs, getting the test-deploy cycle below nine weeks is the new benchmark! But it’s proving frustratingly elusive for engineering teams trying to balance intense market pressures to deliver broader coverage, faster […]  More >>

High-definition voice needs a robust network

When the first offshore lighthouses were built, many were constructed from timber rather than stone for speed and ease of construction. But this approach didn’t take into account the severe weather conditions and powerful seas, which invariably led to their early demise as they got washed away by the storms. It was interlocking stone blocks that enabled lighthouses to be built to last a lifetime by creating a solid structure which could survive the worst tempest. Similarly with VoLTE or Voice over LTE, a technology which ensures high quality of service for mobile voice calls over IP, VoLTE needs a robust and well prepared network infrastructure in order to provide reliable, HD voice services.  More >>

VR Apps – Setting a New Bar for Quality of Experience

It’s been a few months now since this year’s Olympic events ended with the ever-popular closing ceremonies, and it’s not surprising the next country in line has already started planning for not just new events that might make the roster (remember Rugby Sevens anyone?), but also how to broadcast these events to their viewers. For the first time in history at the 2016 Olympics, virtual reality (VR) technology allowed spectators at the games and at home to get a better than ringside view of the action. The UK’s BBC and NBC in the US delivered hundreds of hours of live events and replays in VR through apps using Samsung Gear VR headsets, while Canada’s CBC offered both headset and website content in VR.  More >>

Do you know which virtual network approach is right for you?

My car lease is coming to an end, which means I’ve spent the past few weekends looking at new lease options. This time, though, there is a new wrinkle in car quest. For the first time, I need to give more consideration to my car’s built in display and mobile compatibility. And as an Apple guy, it’s frustrating that I can either choose the car I want or the CarPlay display I prefer, but I am locked out of having both. Which brings us to the importance of avoiding vendor lock-in when it comes to networks. There have been a […]  More >>
Target for analytics

Network analytics targets fiber rollout hotspots

Network planners often focus mainly on network capacity, coverage areas, identifying bottlenecks and quality of service (QoS) issues. However, such an approach can lack a detailed understanding of the particular customer experience in any given area. Network analytics can help identify and prioritize fiber hotspots ensuring network investments are used to target the most important places first, for fiber rollout and upgrade. Determining whether a particular location will be profitable or not isn’t always easy without specialized tools. Service providers need to understand what will provide a good return on investment and how it will improve the customer experience. While […]  More >>
Fleet management requires

10, 9, 8, 7… countdown to the IoT explosion

Virtual Probes – Scaling Performance Monitoring for IoT We’ve been talking a lot about 2020 lately. Analysts predict it will be the year of the long-awaited explosion of objects in the Internet of Things (IoT). Depending on the source, we can expect anywhere from 25B to 50B connected things in the next four years generating 2.3 terabytes of data, or a whopping compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 30 percent every single year. While there’s a fair bit of hype in those numbers, there’s also a very real opportunity to drive new revenue growth in enterprise markets. From a global […]  More >>