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Are cable service providers on top of their Wi-Fi?

With more than eleven million cable-owned and operated hotspots deployed across the United States, you might ask the question, “how effective is their coverage?” Considering cable operators’ networks typically include residential, SMB and outdoor access points, we’re talking about a very large footprint that includes lots of coverage – and the potential for lots of gaps. As cable companies harden their fixed wireless networks, it’s becoming increasingly important to understand where coverage is great, where it’s good and where there’s room for improvement. As a comparison, for mobile network operators (MNOs), coverage is paramount – so much so, that they […]  More >>

Delivering good Wi-Fi: in search of a holistic perspective

Over the last few years, a lot of work has been accomplished to ensure Wi-Fi devices are making the best possible steering decisions. For example, when a Wi-Fi client has multiple access points to choose from, which one should it select? Today, we leverage several standards for help. Examples include Next Generation Hotspot (NGH)/Passpoint 2.0 and Access Network Discovery and Selection Function (ANDSF). An operator can also use a vendor’s Wi-Fi controller to aid the client to select the best possible AP or band (2.4GHz or 5GHz). Wi-Fi controllers are constantly learning about interference, utilization and CPU load and how […]  More >>

New niches abound for agile cable operators

Has the cable market reached saturation point? It depends on your perspective. While the squeeze is on in the consumer market, especially with competition from OTTs such as Netflix and Hulu, there still remains other significant opportunities out there. One such opportunity is for MSOs to expand their offerings to leverage the popularity of Wi-Fi as an alternative to cellular data access. Indeed, a recent study conducted by Hot Telecom for Amdocs of over 4,500 global consumers found that 79 percent of respondents said they actively look for a Wi-Fi network to connect to wherever possible. And according to Light […]  More >>

Building Value and Revenue with Wi-Fi Services

I recently vacationed with friends who were obsessed with posting their daily snaps to Instagram. Everywhere we went, I heard the familiar refrains: “Is there Wi-Fi here? Can you get a connection? It says I’m connected but I can’t get the page to load. This Wi-Fi service is terrible!” The digital experience is such a big part of our personal and working lives that we expect to be connected at all times – and more often than not, we turn to Wi-Fi. In a recent study, conducted by Hot Telecom of over 4,500 global consumers, from Hot Telecom, 79 percent […]  More >>

Wi-Fi or Cellular? Optimizing customer network experience

Many cellular service providers build Wi-Fi networks to enhance capacity, coverage and reduce costs, due to their lower cost infrastructure compared to cellular networks. But in order for Wi-Fi to become a true, strategic carrier network and a part of the heterogenic network (HetNet), service providers must first enhance its quality of experience, making it more stable and predictable. If you were to walk down a street that has multiple Wi-Fi hotspots belonging to your cellular service provider, your phone would continually connect and disconnect to the Wi-Fi network as you move closer and further away from each hotspot. Naturally, […]  More >>

How Smart is Your Wi-Fi?

Some service providers still view Wi-Fi offload as a means of cost reduction and capacity management, but the real opportunity lies in the intelligence that can be gathered over the Wi-Fi network. Gaining insight into the network and the subscriber and using that information to create dynamic policies for preferred connections, differentiated offers and notifications provides a powerful mechanism to improve the user experience and create new business models for Wi-Fi service innovation.  More >>

Status: Connected. Is that all there is to Wi-Fi?

The opportunity to evolve Wi-Fi to a service is out there.  Who will grab it first? Wi-Fi is becoming the “data dial tone”. We search for available networks, select those which sound friendly (hope they are!) and press the connect button. We get connected. But, is that all there is when it comes to Wi-Fi?  Is “status: connected” enough? With “free Wi-Fi”, come the risks. A recent study  in the UK showed that 36% of public hotspots in London are “completely unsecure”. Is this the price we pay for “free Wi-Fi”? To compromise the security of our connection and risk […]  More >>

A wish for a new kind of Wi-Fi

Dear service provider, I need a new kind of service from you – a premium quality Wi-Fi service. Everybody loves Wi-Fi. We already have it at home; we use it to connect to Internet over our DSL or cable. We let our friends share our home Wi-Fi, too. We access it on the go, using it at many public Wi-Fi hotspots. It works everywhere, and most of the time this public Wi-Fi is free. Or is it? We all glance far too quickly over terms and conditions and click “yes” on Wi-Fi signup pages, just to get “free” Wi-Fi access. […]  More >>

Service Provider Wi-Fi – Preventative Medicine or Vitamin Boost?

What do you think is the main objective behind service providers’ Wi-Fi strategy? Service differentiation – offload – monetization? We recently surveyed more than 30 global operators, and asked operators to rank the top three objectives for leveraging Wi-Fi in their future growth strategies. 40% identified service differentiation as their number one objective; with 30% identifying data offload as their top objective. If we had conducted the same survey a year ago, it’s highly likely that data offload would have resoundingly been cited as the main objective. It’s clear that offload still remains very important to operators as it delivers medicinal value in relieving congested mobile broadband networks. However, […]  More >>