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Elementary, my dear Watson

analyticsEarly VoLTE rollouts presented a number of challenges for service providers, including VoLTE call drops due to timeout. This particular issue appeared to be IMS related, but the Core/IMS team could not identify its root cause. IMS had just been deployed, so the inability to pinpoint exactly where the issue lay was attributed to lack of knowledge. The mystery was solved after considering data from the radio access network (RAN). It then became evident that the VoLTE call timeout was a RAN issue, caused by noncontiguous radio coverage when users moved between cells. To resolve the matter, the RAN and […]  More >>

VoLTE: No easy path – but worth it

VoLTE pathIt might not be as hard work as trekking across the Andes, but while there is no easy path to rolling out Voice over LTE (VoLTE), the rewards can be amazing. Careful preparation is essential and by planning well and optimizing the network for a VoLTE launch, service providers can provide the ultimate user experience in voice services. But failure to plan a VoLTE launch properly and prepare the network to be ‘VoLTE ready’, will result in poor service quality and a bad customer experience. Customers will have high expectations for the new digital voice service after many years of […]  More >>

Overcoming the VoLTE challenges

VoLTEMaking the transition from circuit switched voice to Voice over LTE (VoLTE) for mobile voice services is yet another key step forward in the long evolution of the telephone. For well over 120 years, voice services have been the mainstay for service providers and the technology has evolved from analogue to digital, and from fixed line to mobile. For each step the advantages and rewards have been many. VoLTE presents the next step change in mobile voice services by offering customers HD voice and faster call setup times, with the additional benefit of bandwidth saving for the service provider. But […]  More >>

High-definition voice needs a robust network

When the first offshore lighthouses were built, many were constructed from timber rather than stone for speed and ease of construction. But this approach didn’t take into account the severe weather conditions and powerful seas, which invariably led to their early demise as they got washed away by the storms. It was interlocking stone blocks that enabled lighthouses to be built to last a lifetime by creating a solid structure which could survive the worst tempest. Similarly with VoLTE or Voice over LTE, a technology which ensures high quality of service for mobile voice calls over IP, VoLTE needs a robust and well prepared network infrastructure in order to provide reliable, HD voice services.  More >>

VoLTE – with Optimization huge potential, without Optimization huge risk

VoLTE with Caroline GabrielVoice services present mobile operators with significant opportunities, if they are deployed in a way that delivers a strong user experience. Expectations for that experience are rising all the time, so careful optimization of the network is now an absolute necessity for a successful VoLTE project.  More >>

VoLTE: A Network Game Changer

Have you read about VoLTE, one of new services that is changing Networks?  More >>

Voice: A Comeback Story Worth Talking About – PART 2

Click here for Voice: A Comeback Story Worth Talking About – PART 1 The service providers who have commercially launched VoLTE have promoted its benefits through powerful messaging, for example by describing the new service as Advanced Calling, HD (High-Definition) Voice or 4G Super-Voice. Interestingly, an Asian service provider emphasized the crystal clear voice quality that would enable VoLTE users to ‘hear the sound of a grasshopper’ during a call. In the era of data and app texting, such references to an ‘antiquated’ means of communication speak (literally) volumes. Another notable example is a Tier-1 European service provider that belongs […]  More >>

Voice: A Comeback Story Worth Talking About – PART 1

Voice has made a comeback, and it is all because of VoLTE. As a packet-switched technology, VoLTE is more related to OTT VoIP than to the ‘traditional’, circuit-switched 2G/3G voice. In fact, with the introduction of Rich Communications Services (RCS) and capabilities that OTT apps have offered for a while, such as presence, VoLTE is transforming a service that has marginally changed in years.   More >>