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Fiber rollout services: Invite the experts

fiber expertThe demand for fiber is growing and it’s not just for broadband access and fixed line networks. Fiber provides the backbone to our ever expanding global communications network including mobile, fixed line, access and core. With more fiber being deployed faster than ever before, service providers are faced with numerous challenges to modernize and expand their networks quickly, while dealing with the ever increasing complexity, rising costs, and fiercely competitive timescales. The sheer size of these massive fiber projects puts unrelenting pressure on planning, design and field deployment teams to meet demand. But how can service providers compete and stay ahead […]  More >>

NFV Needs to Take a New Perspective: The Customer’s

Guest Post from IDC’s Elizabeth Rainge For service providers (SPs) doing real work to deploy and operate network virtualization, the technology work to date is great, but it’s not enough. In a series of in-depth interviews with IT and Network leaders of the most advanced SPs conducted June through August 2015, sponsored by Amdocs, IDC found a clear need for operational tools that make the VNF innovations useful. Of the 10 SPs we spoke to, all cited the Network (or CTO) team as the owners and leaders for NFV. Great. But these SPs are also working with KPIs that measure […]  More >>

SON: A Living Playbook for Network Management

Like any good football manager, a mobile network operator (MNO) might have its own network management “playbook” with detailed policies and instructions for handling network issues that came their way. But with the incredible complexity of multi-technology and multi-vendor networks today, this is no longer enough. It’s simply not possible to document every possible issue and reaction. Decisions on how to react to network issues have become more multi-layered and interconnected than ever, and need to be made much faster. Even if a network team had the time to write down everything they might need to do in a given […]  More >>

How Smart is Your Wi-Fi?

Some service providers still view Wi-Fi offload as a means of cost reduction and capacity management, but the real opportunity lies in the intelligence that can be gathered over the Wi-Fi network. Gaining insight into the network and the subscriber and using that information to create dynamic policies for preferred connections, differentiated offers and notifications provides a powerful mechanism to improve the user experience and create new business models for Wi-Fi service innovation.  More >>

Status: Connected. Is that all there is to Wi-Fi?

The opportunity to evolve Wi-Fi to a service is out there.  Who will grab it first? Wi-Fi is becoming the “data dial tone”. We search for available networks, select those which sound friendly (hope they are!) and press the connect button. We get connected. But, is that all there is when it comes to Wi-Fi?  Is “status: connected” enough? With “free Wi-Fi”, come the risks. A recent study  in the UK showed that 36% of public hotspots in London are “completely unsecure”. Is this the price we pay for “free Wi-Fi”? To compromise the security of our connection and risk […]  More >>

NFV – Key Players in the Market

  More >>

A wish for a new kind of Wi-Fi

Dear service provider, I need a new kind of service from you – a premium quality Wi-Fi service. Everybody loves Wi-Fi. We already have it at home; we use it to connect to Internet over our DSL or cable. We let our friends share our home Wi-Fi, too. We access it on the go, using it at many public Wi-Fi hotspots. It works everywhere, and most of the time this public Wi-Fi is free. Or is it? We all glance far too quickly over terms and conditions and click “yes” on Wi-Fi signup pages, just to get “free” Wi-Fi access. […]  More >>

Amdocs reaches the Summit at Management World, Dublin 2012

My week in Dublin kicked off with the Amdocs OSS Summit at the Merrion Hotel in Dublin. There was a fantastic turn out and a packed room with over 50 attendees to hear Amdocs executives and key Operator speakers discuss the hot topics in OSS today. Key speakers included Frederico Mendelski (TIM Brasil), Antonio Colome Varaona (Telefónica Spain) and we got excellent feedback on Richard Hertz from Comcast’s presentation entitled “OSS transformation to support growth in the enterprise segment”. In the afternoon I hosted a very interactive panel session with panellists from ONO, ICE and IBM discussing how telecom operators […]  More >>

Interested in OSS? Then come and meet Amdocs in Dublin at Management World 2012

Next week I’ll be attending the TM Forum’s Management World in Dublin, Ireland. It’s probably the largest gathering of OSS industry professionals in the world and a great opportunity to network, educate yourself and discover what new developments the OSS world has to offer I will be blogging from the event to share with you my thoughts and highlights from the show, new things I’ve learnt and insights from any interesting sessions I attend. Amdocs has a large presence at the show with booth #1 in the main hall and a preshow OSS Summit on Monday, May 21st with speakers from […]  More >>

Providing a unique data experience, not just another data plan

By Ann Hatchell Director, Solutions and Product Marketing Consumer and business users have never had so much choice today – cool smart devices, many different data plans.  Let’s face it; many of us now have multiple devices – dongle, smartphone and tablet – this is quickly becoming the norm in some markets.  And of course, let’s not forget – choice in service provider.   Hotly contested markets, the drive for subscriber acquisition, and customer loyalty – these are all key concerns for today’s CSPs. The data experience is fast becoming a key battleground for differentiation.  This is a subset of the […]  More >>