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Network Testing Challenges: NFV and SDN

speedCompressing testing cycles and improving service quality – no longer mutually exclusive Network functions virtualization (NFV) and software-defined networking (SDN) are enabling technologies to increase the flexibility and speed to deploy new services at a fraction of the cost of physical networks. Looking ahead to 5G and the proliferation of Internet of Things (IoT) use cases, virtualization and dynamic service chaining will become essential for managing the scale and customization that will be required to connect 25B objects the industry is anticipating. In a recent report from Coleman-Parkes Research for Amdocs, about half of the 80 service providers surveyed view […]  More >>

Network Testing: Having the right tools at the right time

tools for the jobRegardless of the subject, change is good – but there’s a downside. Every change brings an equal and opposite toolset that is needed to manage that change. OK, Newton might be rolling in his grave, but the point is that new technologies usually bring added costs to testing-deploy cycles, in both engineering resources and new tools, whether it be in-house, commercial or open toolsets. Given the rapid pace of disruption, it’s not surprising that tools – or the lack thereof – are a hot topic for network testing teams. In a recent survey, conducted by Coleman-Parkes on behalf of Amdocs, […]  More >>

Bridging the network testing gap

Quick! I need to find directions! I need to call my boss! I need to google that great new restaurant downtown! Regardless of how consumers use their devices, one thing is certain – data services need to work! Ultimately, we as consumers don’t really care if we are making a 3G call or a voice over LTE (VoLTE) call, if we are using IP multimedia subsystem (IMS) services or over the top (OTT) services – we just want our services to work when we want to use them! Service providers are tasked with providing advanced and personalized services to their […]  More >>