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Will NFV crack the business segment riddle?

Service providers around the globe are looking at the mid-size business segment as one of most important potential growth engines. The old story was simple – service providers knew how to serve consumers using cookie-cutter offerings that cover most of their needs, and they knew how to tailor unique solutions for larger enterprise customers that are willing to pay a premium for such services. Mid-size businesses on the other hand, had always been a challenge. Each business has its own unique demands and needs that vary from one to another, and for the most part, most of them cannot afford […]  More >>

Putting SMBs on automatic

As service providers roll out more complex products for the small- and medium-sized business (SMB) sector, the potential for sales and support services to go wrong will increase exponentially. Paying attention to where bottlenecks and problems occur today is helpful, but it is possible that new products ‒ such as unified communications and cloud-based applications bundled with network connectivity ‒ will expose chronic or intermittent problems and make them more acute. Manual solutions and workarounds to problems and operational inefficiencies will quickly become untenable as SMB volumes, orders, and order complexity grow.  More >>

Capturing the next growth market: SMB

With a saturated consumer market and tough competition in the enterprise sector, service providers around the world see the small- and medium-sized business (SMB) market as the next significant growth area for their businesses. In fact, according to new research conducted by Telesperience, 72% of service providers see the SMB market as a “significant” growth opportunity.  More >>

Customizing Your Business Menu

I always look forward to lunch. The Amdocs cafeteria serves excellent salads. Not only do the cafeteria workers use fresh ingredients, but they also allow me to “customize” my salad. I can mix-and-match vegetables, salad dressings and toppings as I see fit, which I really appreciate. Some days I feel like I need protein, so I choose chicken breast. At other times I’m more in the mood to fill my bowl with sprouts and extra cucumber slices. I know I’m not unique. People crave customization. It seems like more and more consumers want things their way (although it’s not totally […]  More >>