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Reduce Your LTE and Small Cells Rollout Risk

  Increased app usage, more mobile video streaming and the explosive growth of mobile data traffic are creating the perfect storm for data consumption. The demand for ever increasing network coverage and capacity is at an all-time high, overwhelming mobile network operators (MNOs). With limited amounts of bandwidth available, optimization and resourcefulness are critical if MNOs want to boost their ROI and provide subscribers with the quality of experience (QoE) they demand. The top 20 percent of city locations account for 80 percent of all network traffic. Even though concentrated areas of data usage strains the network, MNOs must still […]  More >>

Applying the ‘cookie cutter’ approach to small-cell rollout

It’s safe to say that, when it comes to small cells, gaps exist between expectations and reality. And I believe these gaps can at least partially be attributed to the challenges network operators face when rolling out small-cell networks. Take for example the cost of installing a small cell. In some ways, the process is similar to deploying a macro base station but without the major physical engineering costs. But this is where the problem starts: the perception of an unfavorable cost structure. And such a perception has caused operators to postpone small-cell deployments in favor of pushing forward with […]  More >>