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No one likes to be kept waiting…

Probably one of the worst things anyone can do is to be late for a first date. It’s pretty embarrassing to wait in a restaurant all alone with a glass of water or wine, staring hopefully at anyone who enters… And it doesn’t offer much chance for a successful date, even if the other party eventually does show up. In a recent survey conducted by Heavy Reading and commissioned by Amdocs, service providers rated missed service level agreements (SLAs) as the most common complaint of business customers in the onboarding process of new services – some kind of first date! […]  More >>

What will it take to become an NFV-enabled OSS?

The communications industry is undergoing an unprecedented level of change. And these changes have a profound impact on the operational aspects of today’s networks to the extent that existing operational support systems (OSS) are being forced to adapt in order to become NFV-enabled. In fact, an NFV-enabled OSS must support three key functions – hybrid networks, real-time operations and service agility. Starting with hybrid networks, with the exception of Greenfield service providers or lines of business, all operators introducing NFV will need to support existing physical networks alongside virtualization for the foreseeable future. Hybrid networks are a mixture of traditional […]  More >>

NFV Needs to Take a New Perspective: The Customer’s

Guest Post from IDC’s Elizabeth Rainge For service providers (SPs) doing real work to deploy and operate network virtualization, the technology work to date is great, but it’s not enough. In a series of in-depth interviews with IT and Network leaders of the most advanced SPs conducted June through August 2015, sponsored by Amdocs, IDC found a clear need for operational tools that make the VNF innovations useful. Of the 10 SPs we spoke to, all cited the Network (or CTO) team as the owners and leaders for NFV. Great. But these SPs are also working with KPIs that measure […]  More >>

Simplifying enterprise order complexity

As the former head of marketing for a fixed-line services provider, I know first-hand how difficult order delivery for enterprise customers can be. It didn’t matter how well I understood the customer and what they needed if I couldn’t deliver innovative ideas and offers on time and in flawless working order. Enterprise customers pose an exciting and lucrative prospect for service providers – and their competitors. But they’re not simple to serve.   More >>