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Fiber rollout services: Invite the experts

fiber expertThe demand for fiber is growing and it’s not just for broadband access and fixed line networks. Fiber provides the backbone to our ever expanding global communications network including mobile, fixed line, access and core. With more fiber being deployed faster than ever before, service providers are faced with numerous challenges to modernize and expand their networks quickly, while dealing with the ever increasing complexity, rising costs, and fiercely competitive timescales. The sheer size of these massive fiber projects puts unrelenting pressure on planning, design and field deployment teams to meet demand. But how can service providers compete and stay ahead […]  More >>

You don’t have to climb a mountain to modernize your fixed line network!

For most service providers modernizing and upgrading their fixed line networks can seem like climbing a mountain! Ok it’s not exactly scaling the Matterhorn but it can be a daunting task. Why does the prospect of network modernization often present such a challenge and what can be done about it? With global IP traffic increasing fivefold over the past five years, data growth is putting networks under strain while aging networks are increasingly less flexible or adaptable for handling new services. A modern network becomes legacy in only a few years and yet it represents a major investment in technology […]  More >>