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Virtualization needs open source! (And here’s why)

There’s little debate in our industry that network virtualization (NFV/SDN) is the way forward for telecoms’ infrastructure. So why are adoption rates of NFV/SDN architectures still low? That’s because two critical elements for realizing its benefits have been missing: a standardized way of automating NFV/SDN infrastructure (as opposed to a plethora of different solutions), and a more viable way of rolling out virtualization technology. Amdocs has long recognised this challenge and has been actively contributing through organisations like the TM Forum to find solutions. ONAP provides the answer to both. Its introduction of an open-source approach into telecommunications – an […]  More >>

Do you know which virtual network approach is right for you?

lockMy car lease is coming to an end, which means I’ve spent the past few weekends looking at new lease options. This time, though, there is a new wrinkle in car quest. For the first time, I need to give more consideration to my car’s built in display and mobile compatibility. And as an Apple guy, it’s frustrating that I can either choose the car I want or the CarPlay display I prefer, but I am locked out of having both. Which brings us to the importance of avoiding vendor lock-in when it comes to networks. There have been a […]  More >>

Making the (Business) Case for vProbes Integration

Probes in 20202020 is shaping up to be a really big year. By then, network services will all be sitting pretty in the cloud. Never mind that network functions virtualization (NFV) rollouts have been so far confined to specific services such as virtual CPEs, while market growth forecasts for NFV and software defined networking (SDN) technologies keep getting pushed out to, you guessed it, 2020. (The sheer incline of that trend graph is spectacular.) A recent report from the Linux OPNFV Project belies the rosy predictions with its finding that only six percent of 90 service providers surveyed had any NFV strategy […]  More >>

Open Sourcing Thrones

Open Source challengesImagine if Game of Thrones was open source. Who would keep an eye on it, to make sure no one made catastrophic edits. Which brings us to Amdocs role in ECOMP, the open source platform with millions of lines of code.   More >>

NFV Buzz Around the Web

Ever since our successful NFV demo with Vodafone at Mobile World Congress this past February, there’s been a lot of buzz around our NFV offering. The live use case helped many in the industry understand that virtualization isn’t some futuristic offering, but a real offering that can contribute value today. We expect to see hybrid networks, blending both hardware and software elements, for the better part of the next decade, and we’re building use cases and developing software designed to turn the network into a competitive differentiator that helps deliver superior customer experiences for your customers. In case you’ve missed […]  More >>

The Battle for Value-Added Services

As providers of connectivity, service providers should be well positioned to sell high-value digital services to enterprises and small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). But a lack of service agility caused by complex processes and lengthy service introduction cycles makes it difficult for them to do battle with over-the-top (OTT) players in the arena of services offerings and customer experience. Enterprises and SMBs are looking for choice and want access to the cloud solutions marketplace. But this access needs to be secure, reliable and easy. The simplest way for an IT manager to handle this is via a single, trusted vendor […]  More >>

Amdocs on Managing Innovation and Service Agility at NFV World Congress

The pace of change in the world of telecoms remains relentless with new technologies introduced as if there is was no tomorrow! NFV and SDN promise huge step changes in the way communications services will be delivered – on demand, but how will small start-up enterprises like a new coffee house chain in California reap the advantages of agile services? (I can smell the coffee now!)  Services will no longer be constrained by physical network infrastructure , at least not in the same way as they are today, with each coffee shop needing its own dedicated customer premises equipment (CPE). […]  More >>

Innovation, automation, and a sound business case for NFV? How operators are proving the promises of network virtualization

Innovate in weeks, instantiate in minutes – that really is service agility come to life! So far, Amdocs has worked with global operators to deliver around 20 NFV proofs of concepts (PoCs), resulting in exciting insights into some of the key challenges around monetizing virtualization: Breaking time and cost barriers to innovation – with one operator reducing the planning and implementation time for a new service from 9 months to 8 weeks. Achieving rapid service fulfillment – and by rapid, I’m talking about fulfilling complex multi-vendor services in The importance of integrating with BSS, especially when it comes to monetizing […]  More >>

Vodafone VPN + demo

NFV remains one of the hottest topics in the industry and while everyone is talking about NFV, very few people are actually doing it for real. I’m pleased to say that Amdocs is one of the companies able to demonstrate complex end-to-end NFV services, running on live systems. In the past lots of vendors showed how they would virtualize a physical network function to make a virtual network function (VNF) and claimed that as a successful NFV demonstration.  More >>


To me, walking the halls and looking into the booths at Mobile World Congress offers the opposite experience of walking through a museum. While both give a glimpse of another time, museums show me the world that used to be, and Mobile World shows the world of the future. New devices, connected cities and innovative uses provide a glimpse of the world we are moving towards. And then, there are demos on display which show me the here and now. This week at Mobile World Congress, Amdocs and Vodafone are demoing three enterprise virtual customer premises equipment (vCPE) use cases, […]  More >>