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Olympics 2012 – Are CSPs going for gold?

By Teresa Cottam, Research and Publications Director at Telesperience In less than eight months the Olympic flame will reach London, marking the start of the XXX Olympiad. However, it’s not just the athletes that need to reach a peak of performance in time for the Games. Communications service providers (CSPs) – both fixed, mobile and broadband – face enormous challenges on so many levels in order to cope with increases in traffic, as well as maximizing the opportunities presented. This event is a milestone in communications evolution: the first m-Olympiad.  The first time that the majority of UK citizens, visitors and […]  More >>

The challenge: Moving customers from all you can eat plans to tiered pricing

By Guy Hilton, Director Product Marketing As data services become more common and are being used by a growing number of subscribers we see an increasing number of service providers moving away from all you can eat (unlimited) plans to offer tiered pricing plans. So essentially instead of having a $30 all you can eat data plan, subscribers will need to choose the right amount of data they want to use and that will come with a price tag. If they’re using a lot of wireless data they will pay accordingly. The idea does have merit as it would make […]  More >>