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Elastic PCRF – How far can it stretch data services?

There’s a lot of chatter around virtualization and elastic solutions lately, but what does it mean? Is there value for service providers beyond lowering operational costs? Can Network Function Virtualization (NFV) “stretch” data service offerings and increase ROI? Thankfully the “cloud” of confusion around NFV is beginning to dissipate as service providers realize the value in virtualizing control-plane applications – PCRF, HSS and subscriber databases – goes well beyond hardware cost savings. Software-centric core networks provide greater service agility and enable service providers to quickly extend data service offerings around more market opportunities. When evaluating NFV, service providers must consider the service […]  More >>

Do You Want Fries With That?

Have you ever thought about how different your mobile data plan is today compared to even just 5 years ago? Subscribers are using their mobile devices more out of necessity than convenience these days, with constant access to email, the Internet, social media sites and video applications. Along with subscribers using more data, they are using it in vastly different ways – some use it for work and staying in touch, others use it for gaming, surfing the web and social networking – the bottom line is how can mobile service providers capitalize on their users increased and varying data […]  More >>