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No one likes to be kept waiting…

Probably one of the worst things anyone can do is to be late for a first date. It’s pretty embarrassing to wait in a restaurant all alone with a glass of water or wine, staring hopefully at anyone who enters… And it doesn’t offer much chance for a successful date, even if the other party eventually does show up. In a recent survey conducted by Heavy Reading and commissioned by Amdocs, service providers rated missed service level agreements (SLAs) as the most common complaint of business customers in the onboarding process of new services – some kind of first date! […]  More >>

What SMB Cable Customers Really Want

I recently attended the Future of Cable Business Services event, a one-day conference hosted by Light Reading that explored the progress of cable operators in the U.S. business telecom services market – it was informative and enjoyable. What I found most interesting, perhaps surprisingly, was a panel that had very little to do with the future of technology, called Cable Customers Speak Out. The panelists were small and medium business (SMB) customers of cable companies – actual customers! Joseph McGovern, the president of NuTech Healthcare, was cheered as he detailed his priorities, selection criteria and business philosophy of what he wants and doesn’t want from his telecom service providers.  More >>