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The Value of a System Approach

There’s been a lot of discussion in the market lately about the value of integrated policy and charging from operators, vendors, analysts and others. As part of a recent survey we conducted with Heavy Reading, we got some valuable service provider perspectives on this topic. The service providers who took part in the survey strongly endorsed the need for tight integration between the policy control function and real-time charging. There are a number of reasons for this but the most significant driver is the need to support the next  wave of data services to drive data monetization – things like […]  More >>

The challenge: Moving customers from all you can eat plans to tiered pricing

By Guy Hilton, Director Product Marketing As data services become more common and are being used by a growing number of subscribers we see an increasing number of service providers moving away from all you can eat (unlimited) plans to offer tiered pricing plans. So essentially instead of having a $30 all you can eat data plan, subscribers will need to choose the right amount of data they want to use and that will come with a price tag. If they’re using a lot of wireless data they will pay accordingly. The idea does have merit as it would make […]  More >>

Do You Want Fries With That?

Have you ever thought about how different your mobile data plan is today compared to even just 5 years ago? Subscribers are using their mobile devices more out of necessity than convenience these days, with constant access to email, the Internet, social media sites and video applications. Along with subscribers using more data, they are using it in vastly different ways – some use it for work and staying in touch, others use it for gaming, surfing the web and social networking – the bottom line is how can mobile service providers capitalize on their users increased and varying data […]  More >>

Introducing the Amdocs Data Experience Solution

As you may have heard, today Amdocs introduced a new solution that will help mobile service providers redefine the data experience for their customers! This is the industry’s first pre-integrated policy and charging system, designed to enable rapid mobile data service creation and monetization using a pre-integrated system approach. It includes eight popular market offers that come pre-configured and available out of the box, allowing service providers to accelerate service creation and monetize data services. It integrates a comprehensive set of IT and Network product functions including product catalog, network control and an integrated policy and charging engine. Let’s talk […]  More >>