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No Silver Bullet for Data Capacity Crunch

Research reveals that small cells and a variety of technologies will be needed to address the data capacity crunch. While the world runs out of spectrum, a combination of different techniques could be used to provide up to 50x more capacity. The world is running out of spectrum – mobile planners at O2 say they will run out by 2014 if they continued to use traditional methods. LTE, the new 4G radio technology, has been marketed as the solution – very fast, efficient and adaptable. 65 network planners see the world differently A detailed survey of network planners from 65 […]  More >>

Back to Basics – OSS for Newbies

A simple guide that answers 3 basic questions: “What is OSS?”, “What does it do?”, and “Why is it important?”.  More >>

The mobile data capacity crunch is affecting brand reputation

Hard facts about the effects of the data crunch on mobile networks are hard to come by. With this in mind, Amdocs commissioned an independent survey to establish how serious the issue is, what its effects are and what service providers are doing about it. Telesperience interviewed 30 network planners from mobile network operators across different regions with a mix of different sized operators to determine the current state of the industry. The research provides a unique picture of what the capacity crunch actually looks like in real wireless networks worldwide, as experienced by those responsible for managing its consequences. […]  More >>