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The weakest link in customer experience, and the network of the future

network problems  On a cloudy Sunday evening last month, a group of us were watching a film at a friend’s house. Our host had purchased the film from a popular online content provider and was streaming it using his Wi-Fi router, laptop and TV. We were all glued to the screen when disaster struck: after approximately an hour, at a key point in the film, the image pixelated. And less than a minute later, it froze… Reactions in the room were mixed: “there were network issues in the area last week”, “it must be this old laptop”, “a neighbor is using […]  More >>

No one likes to be kept waiting…

Probably one of the worst things anyone can do is to be late for a first date. It’s pretty embarrassing to wait in a restaurant all alone with a glass of water or wine, staring hopefully at anyone who enters… And it doesn’t offer much chance for a successful date, even if the other party eventually does show up. In a recent survey conducted by Heavy Reading and commissioned by Amdocs, service providers rated missed service level agreements (SLAs) as the most common complaint of business customers in the onboarding process of new services – some kind of first date! […]  More >>

The Evolution of RAN Optimization

Subscribers expect and demand more from their mobile network than ever before. They place high value on excellent data coverage, high data quality, and super-fast download speeds.  Given this, it’s no surprise that network data quality has become an important differentiator for mobile operators. Although operators want and need to continually improve their data quality, costs must be contained. And as increasing mobile traffic continues to drive network costs up, operators are seeking new ways to create a world-class customer experience while controlling OPEX and delaying CAPEX. Since the launch of 2G, optimization has remained a key activity for operators […]  More >>

Wi-Fi or Cellular? Optimizing customer network experience

Many cellular service providers build Wi-Fi networks to enhance capacity, coverage and reduce costs, due to their lower cost infrastructure compared to cellular networks. But in order for Wi-Fi to become a true, strategic carrier network and a part of the heterogenic network (HetNet), service providers must first enhance its quality of experience, making it more stable and predictable. If you were to walk down a street that has multiple Wi-Fi hotspots belonging to your cellular service provider, your phone would continually connect and disconnect to the Wi-Fi network as you move closer and further away from each hotspot. Naturally, […]  More >>

The Times they are a Changing (Except for Time to Market)

Time to market is more important than ever from the perspective of service providers, but that hasn’t led to much visible improvement on the ground. When it comes to the average time to market for introducing new products, not much has improved between 2008 and 2011. In fact, the number of service providers able to bring a product to market within six months has actually fallen; in 2008, 67% of service providers said it took six months or less to bring a new product to market, compared with 65% in 2011. So while service providers strongly believe that quickly introducing […]  More >>